Where to Buy Belid Light Bulbs Online at Cheap Price?

Belid is a large Swedish brand which since 1969 has designed and produced light bulbs. The special thing about Belid is that they produce everything at their own factory in Sweden-Belid has really high quality requirements and therefore you can expect light bulbs in top quality. The light bulbs come virtually complete assembled from the factory and you release the reason for even messing with a kit.

Well-known Lamp Series from Belid

The more we have of course known light bulbs from Belid in range here at Wholesaleably – the more here we have, among other things, the Diablo series, which one can know by the combination of matte black and the Red detail on the screen. Diablo is available both as a wall lamp, floor lamp, table lamp and pendant. Valencia and Covetto are also two lamp series such as we have in the sortie meant as is very popular. Valencia is available in several colors and sizes and have 4 screens on the outside of each other-Very smart design. Covetto exists both as pendant lamp and floor lamp in the same design-a lamp with a really nice light distribution. Ellipsis is probably the most well known from Belid-A super nice modern and at the same time timeless pendant is available with either chrome or copper detail-A must have:)

Belid Eclipse Pendant LED Lights

Missing you a Belid lamp we don’t have?

You can find official dealer of Belid who has opportunity to sell the entire Belid range. The Belid light bulbs you see on the page are carefully selected lamps we believe lends itself well to the market, we believe that it is better to have a small selection with short delivery time.  But if you have seen a Belid lamp you would like you as we do not cover on this site, please contact us.

Belid Valencia Pendant Lights