The World’s Most Futuristic Park Search Be Underground and with Solar Lighting

Sometimes they arise interesting and risky projects seeking funding either through sponsors, or as in this case by means of a campaign on Kickstarter, projects that by their nature are difficult to sell and end successfully, since they are so spectacular that often do not believe that they are viable.

Such is the case of The Lowline, a great project that seeks to create an underground Park in New York, Yes, a park as we know it, with trees, plants and sunlight, which through new technology that channeled, absorbed and emitted sunlight would have below Manhattan.

The Lowline, transforming spaces abandoned in collective projects

In 1908 was inaugurated in Lower East Manhattan tram Williamsburg Bridge, just below Delancey Street and with an area of over of 4 thousand square meters. The station operated for forty years until the tram service was discontinued in 1948, since then the station has been abandoned within the vast underground network of New York.

The idea is to take advantage of all this great space to create the first underground public park with sunlight in the world, for this purpose the current structure would be leveraged and elements bring to create a recreational place within reach of all, giving a new and important public space that so much needed in a city like New York.

The important part of the project comes thanks to the involved technology, which consists of an advanced system which has, in the first place, an collectors of solar light that it will be installed on the roofs of the buildings located in the vicinity of the Park. These collectors will have a system that will cause them to rotate to track the Sun at all times and be able to reflect light towards the concentrators.

The concentrators they will be located on street level, as collectors are a few large mirrors with solar tracking system, only that here we find that light is absorbed and passes through tubes called irrigators, who will be in charge of transmitting the light towards the underground Park.

These tubes will be linked eventually to the distributors, a few panels shaped dome which illuminated throughout the Park and give sunlight to plants and trees.

But before you build the entire Park is needed know if this system works and is viable for the life of the plants, Therefore the funding on Kickstarter campaign aims to get 200 thousand dollars for the creation of Lowline Lab, a place where will test all this system for the authorisation of the Government of the city as well as public funds.

The opening of the Lowline Lab, If they clear goal, points to a moment between September 2015 and 2016 February, this laboratory will be open to the public and will be an example of the capacity of Lowline. After this, the next step are negotiations and construction between 2016 and 2017, to finally open the Park sometime in 2018.