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Led Project: Fruit Juice Manufacturer Of Beckers Best

Led Project Fruit Juice Manufacturer Of Beckers Best

To expand the production of fruit juice manufacturer of beckers had foreseen a former camp as a new location best for a modern Tetra Pak filling system. The lighting of the warehouse proved on closer inspection but by far not sufficient for the prescribed luminous intensity. With German light rent as a project partner, the company switched to an energy-efficient LED lighting on a rental basis. The Becker’s best GmbH is a lower Saxon family company, which has made a name as a manufacturer of natural fruit juices for four generations. Nature is the most important partner of the company, which produces fruit juice without artificial additives for over 80 years. Tradition, naturalness, quality and sustainability are the core values of the company. That is also the philosophy reflected in, such as Jorg Carl.

LED Lamp Beam Angle

LED lamp beam angle A maximum viewing angle which is commercially available LED lamp currently around 180 degrees around, this angle is required especially for surfaces and background lighting. zB for furniture-accent lighting, name plates, kitchen cabinets, or billboards. A 100°…
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