Simple and Chic: the Bec Chandeliers Brittain

A certain retro-Futurist air takes care of geometric pieces that Bec Brittain creates in your Studio in Brooklyn, New York. Exploring cutting-edge materials and new technologies that emerge every day, the designer develops luxury fixtures that are true works of art of which some belong to, for example, the catalog of acclaimed brand Roll & Hill.


Perhaps the strength of your creation is coming from multicultural education through which passed: first she graduated in product design, then philosophy and, finally, in architecture. In your path, was also recognized design director Lindsay Adelman Studio until 2011, began to devote himself to own Office with the launch of the first Shy lamp.


Today, with the help of a small staff, she explores techniques and materials by placing their own DNA in North American production. Recently, Bec has launched sevennew fixtures able to take the leading role in any environment.


The line has three parts. The essential element of them all is a diamond-shaped structure made of brass and LED lamps. These parts are then configured in many ways:a simple ring hanging by wire the lamp form semi-transparent Zelda. Already in Zelda Links, the multiplication of the frame results in a sort of chain while Zelda Orbitsthe organizes concentrically. The diamond-shaped units can also be collected in unlimited quantities and configurations for customized projects.


Themis 6 Wall Sconce
The existing collection gets a new Member that makes use of the simple, elegant use of blown glass, marble and brass. Themis forms 6 are rereading of the sides of a triangle through rotation, mirroring and extension.


Shy Wall Sconce
The beauty of the LED lamps gets featured in a simple and architectural piece that uses glass and metal, this material can appear in nine different finishes.


Skyhook and Skyhook 2 3
Using the same type of lamp, there are new pending that, when lit, mimic bright lines suspended in the air. The elegance of simplicity ready to adapt to any style of interior.