Problem with The Lighting of a Receiver. Decoesfera Responds

Raul has a problem with its Foyer lighting, and some doubts about the choice of the appropriate lamp. So told him us.

…a few years ago we illuminate it with a lamp from those in which a glass covers the bulb. The glass is translucent, and I’ve noticed that possibly because of this glass lighting is of lower quality and making a very unpleasant effect. Is it possible that it is because of this translucent glass? What kind of lamp recommend me?

Without a doubt, and the data that gives Raul, the blame for this lack of luminosity has used ceiling. I know from experience that some models of ceiling lamps as Raul, has dimmed considerably the brightness of the bulbs. The translucent glass Let the light through, but decreases the choice bulb lighting effect. I know the scientific explanation, sure it is, but the reality is this.

This type of luminaires usually have the carved panels with roughness and decorative effects that produce a distorting effect, this may be the reason why, according to Raul, as well as emit little light, this offer also an unpleasant effect.

To obtain a good lighting is suitable to choose lamps that do not cover bulbs with screens, and have a good number of light sources. Roof with several foci adjustable light points, they are a good choice, allowing you to illuminate key stay points while offering a good luminous flow.

The halogen lamps they are suitable spaces of little use, such as getters, but who require excellent illumination. The high consumption of these bulbs is compensated by a less frequent use. The receiver must be a very well-lit stay, since it is the business card of our home, nothing sadder than entering a House that welcomes us with a weak and unpleasant light.

The receivers are often times false ceilings, where recessed lights can be placed easily. These have the advantage that clear ceiling, give the room more amplitude, and so many bulbs can be placed as needed. You can also orient themselves, so to illuminate the entire stay, also pictures or objects that deserve attention you can highlight.

I would choose me good strips of lights or several recessed light points, but it escatimarĂ­a not spending, and would go to a good establishment where he can advise us on products suited to our needs. Trusting our concerns to the seller, this will guide us in choosing.

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