Plants to The Letter, Another Advantage of The Use of Lighting LED in The Greenhouses of The Future

The the future greenhouse It will not seem too which are used to seeing in the South of Spain. At least the technology used for the lighting should change to improve their efficiency and better use.

The farm with LED lights to the letter from Philips has been supported by a recent study that confirms the advantages of using type LED lights in greenhouses. Firstly there is talk of the economic aspect, because the lighting is responsible for 35% of spending in the greenhouses. With the LED lights we are talking about that over seven years it would already depreciated by question of do not need annual replacement added to lower consumption. The study also claims that in 16 years the cost of traditional lamps is double that which we can have for the use of LED technology.

Culture à la carte and improved

But the true potential of the LED lighting in interior agriculture goes far beyond energy savings. Researchers at the University of Hanover have determined that the growth of plants can be optimized total form with the help of LED lights, where the control of wavelength can be as accurate as you need.

Thus, LED technology can be used to improve the phase of photosynthesis in plants, as well as optimize the germination and successive phases of growth of plants according to your needs. It could enhance the contents of specific vitamins associated with the color of a plant, for example.

Also LED lights control facilitates proper setting of the Earth and its nutritional content, again you can manage is à la carte and according to the specific needs of each crop.


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the china pavilion at the expo 2015 in milan italy the ...