O! CAP, Color and Aroma to Your Light Bulbs

It is becoming more normal to find lamps that dispense with the classic screens to show the naked bulbs. They are a good decorative baza, grouped or solo claim the simplicity of the basic light. O! Cap It is a shell of silicone that dresses them in color by wrapping them in a cloud of aroma at once. The warmth that emerges from light bulbs free perfume, functioning as occasional air freshener.

An invention of simple design that attaches easily, placed between the CAP and the lamp holder. Available in three colors: Orange, green and purple, and their respective fragrances: Mandarin orange, lemongrass, and cherry blossom.

In principle it is a good idea, but doubts arise us since the manufacturer does not offer too much information. For example, we ask ourselves about its cleanliness and the effect that this may have on the emission of fragrance, since the precise silicone wash thoroughly with water or other cleaning products, already the powder adheres easily to this material. We do not know for certain if the ability to aromatize is limited or stays in time.

It’s a design by Designlab and sells on the web for 39 euros, but does not specify shipping costs, that surely more even more expensive this article.