Modern Floor Lamps of the Vertigo Bird Firm

If you’re looking for modern lamps and original for your home lighting, can not miss Vertigo Bird firm particular vision of these objects. Signature creations transform ordinary forms into amazing and unpredictable designs lamps.

Modern Floor Lamps Of The Vertigo Bird Firm

Today we will focus on their magnificent floor lamps. To see them then you comprobareis they have a so fresh look by placing them in our decoration we will be introducing a stream of fresh air on the inside of our home.

A nice example of this is the Hippo lamp, which mimics the design of the head of a hippopotamus. Its pleasant design and its soft light cause feeling of well-being. You can also find a complete collection following this design, finding in addition to the foot, a table model model, another wall and even one suspension.

Another remarkable model is Borderline lamp, which becomes an excellent support with a soft and comfortable light lamp with a cool design. With this turned on, indirect light from the top creates the feel of that lamp is floating under the roof.

Let me now turn to two creations of futuristic design. The first one is Boy completo Lamp floor lamp, whose design is inspired by sources as diverse as missions and betrayals, car and rockets or guns and bikinis. The peculiar shade of the lamp can be adjusted in height and you can opt for different finishes of tones of Pearl color.

Another lamp with striking design is the Funnel floor lamp, although the sources of inspiration of this are not as disparate as the previous creation which we saw. For the creation of this lamp have inspired an object as daily as the funnel, but giving this much more glamorous than it usually does, clear.

This presents two points of light that create surprising effects. His main opening offers its more functional version, while its small top opening creates a luminous halo that will feature a fun sensations. Manufactured in aluminium, steel, we can only choose its white version. But in addition to the foot model, you can also choose a version of roof and another table.

And finally I want to end with a clear example of what we talked about at the beginning of the article: sympathy and freshness of the creations of the firm. Smoke standing lamps, above all by their original feet.

Lamp Smoke collection consists of a series of lamps based on typical elements of the peripheral areas of cities: factories, cars, gas stations and homes. These elements, reduced to small scale and isolated from their original context, have been transformed into iconic items for home decoration.

These lamps have besides a practical functionality, a small dot of criticism, highlighting the pollution and consumption that is in our day to day. Although its unique design will also help create a touch of fun in a little corner of our decoration.