Luminous Creations of Designer Catherine Grandidier

I didn’t know the French designer Catherine Grandidier, but to see some of his designs I was quite surprised. Has a very characteristic style and I am confident that many of you will be delighted too.

Catherine began as Artistic Director in advertising. After 15 years in this field, decided to move to pure creation, creating unique objects out of everyday objects. Since your early designs, Catherine had the gift to surprise and challenge the Viewer.

Do you see yourself now? Do you want to also causes these sensations? Then keep reading some of his creations know to bright.


Wanted to start with one of his works that surprised me most: l’homme qui court (the running man). In this setting, the light gives movement to figures of Eadweard Muybridge (whose experiences the chronophotography were the basis for the discovery of cinematography).

The lighting creates the image and ultimately give you also the movement. This combination of light and movement are reinforced by a wooden frame. Its dimensions are 120 x 35 cm.


The lamp Illico is clearly inspired by years 60 and in Pop Art style. To me personally it seems to me great. The details of light are on a base of white aluminum.

There are 3 possible variants: in black and white, Orange and white and blank with electric colors. All have dimensions of 82 x 82 cm.


Another sensational French designer creation is the luminous board Urbain. This 100 x 70 cm Board you can find in 2 finishes: white and multiccor. The principle of this creation is very unique, since with their mobile trays can play with the brightness.


And I want to finish with the Holo 64 lamp, a creation of Catherine Grandidier in collaboration with designer Edouard Boulmier. This chandelier exists many colorful roles within a filter of PVC. These create some distortions in the light waves that create fascinating effects.

All these creations have been made by the company Dix Heures Dix and can inform you about them on this page.