Lighting Economic: How to Light Environments in a Planned Way, It Helps in Saving Energy

The concern with the lighting should start in the design of a house. As well as think in the plumbing or in the decoration it is important to give functionality to the environments, plan to illuminate the spaces is also critical. An atmosphere of study does not match with a cold light coming from a light fixture on the ceiling, as well as a kitchen lit with lamps it would be a disaster. Planning is related to the economy, because by knowing the needs of the investment is more accurate. The options are increasingly varied, catering to all tastes and fitting in all the pockets. What are you waiting for to rethink the way your home is lit?

Lighting Economic How to Light Environments in a Planned Way, It Helps in Saving Energy 1

Save with the LED bulbs

Not too long ago, the lighting is made with LED was rare, used only in home most modern. Today this scenario is different and the technology is gaining more and more space. The main reason is the improvement in the cost-benefit ratio. Before very expensive, LED light bulbs currently have the most affordable prices that combined with the low energy consumption makes this one of the best options. To give you an idea: the economy can reach up to 70% in comparison with the traditional models (incandescent or fluorescent). Not to mention that has life is also superior. That is, the environment and your pocket will thank you!

Another advantage is the versatility. On account of improvement in technology, there are various forms of lighting with LED. The spots of light, for example, are meant for gardens, but also for indoor environments. Already the models of embedding allows you to make a special lighting on the ground, creating who knows a path light. While the tapes complement the decor, with spotlights in shelves and cabinets.

Lighting Economic How to Light Environments in a Planned Way, It Helps in Saving Energy 2

Bet the glass windows and prefer light colors

Although usually the first thought when we speak of enlightenment economic be the option of artificial light well placed, it is important to remember that enhance the natural light also contributes to a reduction of expenses. In this sense, windows and glass doors are choices decorative, intelligent, as they bring the sun into the house and make the environments more spacious.

The painting of the walls also enters in the equation of economy. Light colors, that can go from the traditional white, through beige, or cream, to green, blue or orange, for example, contribute to more efficient lighting. The reason is logical: these shades act as a reflector, spreading the light better for the environment.

Lighting Economic How to Light Environments in a Planned Way, It Helps in Saving Energy 3

Create a lighting that meets your needs

Illuminate environments in a planned way is a task as well particular. After all, each house has a setting and habits unique. Thus, at the time of thinking in lighting it is necessary to take account of these issues. A plafon ceiling can meet those people who want functionality, because lighting fixtures or floor lamps are for those who want something more intimate, with the light only where it is needed. Nothing also prevents you have different models in their home. The important thing is to think according to the environment.

Another alternative, that can serve very well as a complement to the main project of lighting are the candles. Use them in festive dates is very common, but have you ever thought to brighten up your day-to-day in a special way? It is a fact that the fire, compared with the electrical energy, produces a light more discreet. However, the candles can very well meet the needs of a comfortable, small, break even giving a charm in the decoration.