LED Technology Protects Osttiroler Cultural Goods

“Save the Schupf’n” is an unusual action in Obertilliach. For centuries there characterize so-called hay fever the landscape. But because it does not require more farmers, they disappear more and more from the fields. A new initiative does not want the messengers from another time but completely hide. The night lighting with innovative LED technology to the old hay fever breathe new life and more attention to the rescue of Schupfen steer.

The hay fever come from a time in which the hay had to be laboriously collected by hand or with the horse. Today, however, more than 200 years old hay fever hindering modern agriculture, so many of them to be torn down or break down slowly but surely. Hans Ganner and Josef Lugger that the disappearance of the unique cultural assets not wanted to continue to stand idly by, then founded a private association for the rescue of Schupfen. With different actions, donations and grant applications they are trying to save what can be saved and the farmers to convince them that is lost with the demolition of Schupfen irretrievable.

The Schupfen best preserved are to be renovated and put back in state. Sorry for missing the money and partly the understanding of the land owner. Therefore, it is for the initiators, the farmers to convince them of the project and to support them financially during the renovation. As a visible sign of their own initiative, the club founder took up a new unusual means: be sponsored by a Tyrolean electric company the old Schupfen every Wednesday night with lights hung on new LED technology set and shine so in a new light. In this way, they embellish the landscape again in the Obertilliacher fields.