LED Strip Home Decoration

How to design lighting in a home may seem sometimes a bit boring. Although there are many fixtures and lighting for the ceiling, wall or spots to fit into the housing decoration, the philosophy remains the same. However, there is another way to modernize housing lighting by choosing toinstall a LED Ribbon, also called ” band LED” or even ‘band led’.

A LED Ribbon, what is it?

The tape LED is a light strip made up of several LEDs.

It has the advantage of being flexible and can be installed in places or any other classic luminaire can be installed (you can also call it as “flexible LED light bulbs”). This is a very important feature, because as you’ll see later in the article, this allows to create atmospheres through light effects which are out of the ordinary.

On the Visual below, we see that the LED headband consists of several LEDs installed bypass.

Finally, last thing, each of the LEDs of the headband to a very reduced consumption. In the end, the total consumption of a LED Ribbon is not very high (we will see later).

A LED Ribbon specifications:

LED banners have specifications that their own:

  • Color: this is the color of the light emitted by the LED (warm white, white “neutral”, cold white expressed in Kelvin)
  • Density of LED: this is the number of LEDs per linear meter of Ribbon
  • Angle of view: this is the angle of direction of the light. The angle, the more the light is diffused. Instead the angle is closed, the light is directed
  • Input voltage: this is the voltage accepted by the Ribbon
  • Power consumed per meter: the energy consumed per metre of tape
  • Protection IP: is index of protection which will allow to install the Ribbon under certain conditions (outdoor, wet, bathroom…)

I propose at the end of the article a paragraph that can help you choose your LED Banner settings.

The SMD LEDs (surface mounting Device):

The headbands so compounds of small LEDs called SMD LEDs.

These are of small flat LED (unlike DIP models, much older which were round).

It is for this that we see appear in the reference of the LED Strip, this acronym SMD.

The reference that follows the acronym MDS indicates the size of the LED.

Thus equipped LED SMD 5050 LED Strip will have dimension LED 50 tenths of a millimeter to one side (either a 5x5mm square).

References led about the Headbands are the following:

  • SMD 3528
  • 5050 SMD
  • 4028 SMD
  • 5630 SMD

This information is then used to know the shape of the LEDs that are on the Ribbon.

Before You Install a LED Headband:

Before talking about the installation of the LED Strip, give some information, particularly at the level of the standard and the electrical connections.

LED Strip and standard NF C 15-100

How is considered a headband LED from the point of view of the standard electricity knowing that it is composed of several ‘ points of light ‘ LED?

I deliberately used the term bright spot, because it is the term that is used in the standard NF C 15-100, which gives these recommendations:

  • 8 points of light by lighting circuit under a divisional maximum 16A breaker with a section of wire 1.5 mm 2

If I meet the standard at the foot of the letter, that means I can connect only that LED to a Ribbon by circuit 8.

Due to very consumption reduced each led, the standard NF C 15-100 cannot apply in the State to a LED Ribbon.

In reality, there is a notion of power and in the same way as for the spots, you can put several LED strips on a same lighting circuit (see here the article that talks about the number of commercials LED by circuit breaker for a lighting circuit).

In the end, it’s the following rule, which is needed to install a LED Ribbon:

« In the case of illuminated signs, there is a point of light in the same room 300vA per ‘ – part “771.314.2.3 light “. »

Power supply a Ribbon LED

One of the downsides of the LED strips, it is supplied with 12V (or 24V depending on the models).

It therefore requires a power supply low voltage which is obtained by using a transformer 220V/12V or 220V/24V always depending on banner LED.

This processor is not a classic since transformer power supply must be stabilized (a LED bulb does not significant variation in voltage at its terminals).

The shorter a led Ribbon is important, the more food.

We need to hide the power supply so that it is not visible. I talk about in the rest of the article in the section installation of the LED strips.

Depending on the case, the transformer for LED strip can be quite expensive to buy.

Finally, a diet can be used to power several Led strips (under certain conditions).

Calculation of power supply for a Ribbon LED

The sizing of the power supply of an “led Strip” LED is a function of the builders, but there are common rules.

  • Use a power supply with a power minimum greater than 15% of the power consumed by the sum of the powers of the ribbons led


You should know that a LED Ribbon is often sold with a power consumed per meter of Ribbon.

If a LED light strip altogether consumes 5w per linear meter and you want to install 12 meters of Ribbon here’s the calculation have to do:

Power in Watts = 5 x 12 x 1.15 = 69W (the factor 1,15 represents 15% of flexibility I mentioned above)

It will therefore choose a 220V/12V power with a standard power greater than 69W (for example a power of 100W).

Wiring diagram of a LED bar

If you have read what I told you about the standard and the LED headband, you will probably understand it plugs in the same way that a mounting simple ignition (or still comes and goes or remote control switch according to the need).

  • The LED strip can be driven by a conventional switch
  • Protection at the level of the electric Panel is provided by a Divisional breaker 10A or 16Adownstream of a switch differential 30mA
  • The wires are of section 1,5 mm 2

With a performance of the LED headband (like on a 12V spot):

  • The Earth wire is not sent to the tape LED (the office of electric separation done transformer)

If I summarize for a mounting simple ignition with a LED Ribbon:

  1. The phaseis sent to the switch
  2. The back lightis sent on the terminal of the transformer of the LED headband (Terminal marked L for the phase 220V or with a ripple to warn that it is the side of the transformer 220V)
  3. The neutralis sent to the transformer (Terminal marked L for 220V neutral or with a ripple to warn that it is the side of the transformer 220V)
  4. The ground wire is sent to the processor
  5. The output of the transformer Terminal V +is sent on the front panel LED (Terminal + 12V)
  6. The output of the transformer Terminal – V is sent on the front panel LED (GND Terminal)

Or install a LED Ribbon:

It is in this part of the article that the LED headband takes its interest.

Given its size and its ability to be integrated in small spaces, the LED Ribbon will find its place in can loan in all situations.

Here is a fan of pictures of scenario of LED strips:

The different methods to ask a Ribbon LED


The LED headband attaches easily, using three methods:

  • Via the double-sided integrate LED Ribbon (or buy separately according to the reference): we’re talking of self-adhesive led Strip.
  • Either using specific jumper for LED Strip.
  • Either using accessories attachment (transparent plastic tubes) in which the LED strips are inserted (which can make the Ribbon IP65 depending on the material used).


It is possible to cut the LED strips in some places, which allows to adapt to the place or you want to position it.

The LED ribbon cutting is done very simply, using a chisel.

Places where the cut is possible are clearly informed on the LED panel.


The connection with the transformer is done with accessories that depend on the brand:

  • Sometimes it is a Connectortype tablecloth
  • Sometimes you gotta solderthe part between the LED panel and the processor (the lower voltage) in this case there will be a coil of Tin and iron soldering (the same material for electronic components)

According to the form to be equipped, there are accessories to make links in angles, T links or the extensions on the illuminated signs.

These accessories are specific to each model of headband LED, therefore well before choose them based on need.


The transformer is the unsightly element in this facility.

I recommend you to hide in a recessed junction box accessible easily to be able to do a replace if necessary:

How to choose a LED Ribbon:

In order to see how to choose, using specifications that characterize a light strip:

The color of the led Ribbon light

The color of the light (or color of a light bulb temperature see article here for more information) is very important.

It is she who determines the final outcome.

  • For a an LED color orange yellow, should be a color of 2700 째 K(Kelvin degrees) called warm white: this headband LED color is ideal for subtle and subdued environments
  • For a result more white, then opted for a 4000 째 Kcalled white cold color: white color brings out the true colors more but is a little more ‘aggressive’ for the eyes

To get the different colors of white, choose a Ribbon LED RGB (Red Green Blue) with a dimmer, which allows to change the color of the LED strips.

The power of the LED headband

A LED Ribbon is not intended to replace a classic point of light.

It is used to create a light atmosphere but not to se a solution to light.

The power is not really a criterion of choice.

Rather, the luminous power of the LED headband will be linked:

  • At the surfaceyou want to illuminate.
  • At the LED densityper linear meter of Ribbon

If you want to vary the brightness of the LED Strip, you must select it so that it is dimmable.

Tips before buying a LED Ribbon:

My first advice will not focus on the quality of the LED headband in him even, but more on the quality of food.

It is indeed one of the most important criteria. It’s food that will make your tape LED will last long (as I explained above, thea the LED supply voltage must not vary in the transformer output).

In addition, a LED has a long life, which is not the case of an electronic transformer.

Hence the interest to choose quality.

Power supply for LED Strip:

I can recommend the brand MeanWell. They are a very good power supplies that I use as a professional but also personal.

Here are some interesting links for power supplies for LED Banner:


A first reference topower Meanwell available here at Ebay:
This model is very robust. Simply select the type of food you want depending on the power of your LED headband.

For a 12V LED Strip, first feeding is the model SPR-200-12 to 59 euros. It may seem expensive, but it’s the price of quality.


For tighter budgets, I found a seller on Ebay who offers here of the generic power supplies at low prices.

The reference to feed a 150W LED headband (actually a bit less since it takes 15% margin) is available at 16.99 euros.

Tape led discount:

There are early prices from 10 euros (without food) as for example this model of led strip of 5 M to 11.99 euros at Amazon.

It is a price that is interesting in view of the length of the Ribbon and the number of LED (300).

The manufacturer offers this sector less than 15 euros adapter makes a band LED with his power less than 30 euros.

Tape LED to the map:

A good solution once it was determined his need, it’s to move towards specialists of headbands LED online sales, , as this seller on Ebay who offer ribbons LED to configure.

Simply to Configure and choose LED headband:

  • Number of LED: led on the Ribbon by meter number.
  • Waterproof: to have an index of protection / IP more or less important depending on the place of installation IP44 or IP65 choice.
  • The LED size: SMD 3528 or SMD5050 (I talk about at the beginning of the article).
  • With or without transformer: to have a led 12V headband.

Instance, you can choose a Banner LED SMD 5050 60 LED per meter with a length of 5 m with transformer and IP65 protection.

SMD 5050 means that the tape LED is equipped with dimension 5mmx5mm led per meter of Ribbon.

Consumption of a LED Ribbon:

Is a band LED energy-saving?

Indeed, it is a question that may arise because we always put forward the aspect energy consumption with LEDs.

For the LED spots, the economy proved: we see between a classic halogen spot and a LED spot, the difference of consumption and profitability is obvious (I also made a comparison between a halogen and a LED spotlight article here).

A LED Ribbon, consumption is a little more important (in remaining quite m me very reasonable) a 5 m LED strip can consume about 40W.

The rendering is quite different from a spot, but consumption comes close.


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