Lamp Creature, by Owen Song

No electricity frightens me much, I’m able to gut devices, and make simple connections, install lamps and play with the Terminal, but that other, far, far away from the liquid element. It will be for the parental advice that again and again I advised, under threat of death, no closer to a plug out the shower, or to those bad movies very bad in which threw a radio on in the bath which is dipped a poor unsuspecting & #8230;

Why I not out of my surprise at this lamp Creature, designed by Owen Song, that not only not he flees from the water, but need it to light. Like a great source or fruit bowl design, the water deposited on the interior acts as driver, transmitting electricity from a negative electrode to another positive.

When poured water evaporates, the lamp turns off, so we have one Timer function all natural. Much more water is added more time it will take to turn off. Once consumed, the light disappears gradually.

On appearance is that of a strange creature indefinable, and emits a dim light, which makes it more a decorative element that in a practical light source.