Improve Performance with Feng Shui

The quality of the work or service of any professional depends on the quality of your energy. This depends on various factors, such as rest and tranquillity.


As in any work or service, no matter how good is the Organization and control of the whole process, the good quality of the same depends largely on the person who is playing.

As such, we are not limited to basic rules that all we already have an idea, like the presentation, how to receive technical procedures, we must not forget that, beyond what is visible, a world of sensations, of ways to share and connect you don’t see but who feel.

All and all we have and we’re living with the vital energy. The quality of our work or service depends on the quality of the majority of our energy. This for your time depends on various factors ranging from our food to our thoughts or intentions, not least our State of rest and tranquility, and especialy the rest that the developers have the right during the work day.


It is so important that the space where the employees of a company lie for a few minutes is harmonious and healthy, respecting some features, which will provide a better well-being and, as a result, a better performance of their duties.


Feng Shui can help create this ideal environment. If you have a company, provides this space to their employees, will see that performance will improve if, on the other hand, is a developer company, suggest to your boss the tips.



The developer’s space


The space where employees or collaborators can rest between different tasks/customers and gather their energies, should be as pleasant as possible.


-This space to rest must be broad and well-lit, can and must have different environments, table or bench area for dining, reading support, rest area with comfortable chairs and dressing room area or lockers where you can have the personal material.


-The bathroom should have direct access for this area. If this space does not have a window, in enclosed spaces is always good to have devices that help in the recycling of air, other than those of ionization, or just a simple source with moving water.


-Although in the construction of spaces like these use washable materials and clear for better hygiene, as mosaic and tile and walls painted with acrylic paint or often brilliant, at least in the area or corner of this space for the rest, we should have comfortable materials, as: fabrics, upholstered chairs, fluffy pillows, a good carpet and a weaker lighting in order to create a calmer environment , smoother and that promotes relaxation and tranquillity.


-The decor should be as simple as possible because it is a workspace, however, should not be cold or completely naked. We all need a more personalized environment.


-Must be present in this kind of at least one plant alive and the materials to be used must be natural like wood, the straws, the fabrics of cotton, linen, and wool.


-Best colors will be the Greens and the Blues very mild because they are cool colors and promoting the upward movement and so it will be easier to drop the heavier energies and regenerate faster.


This space must be organized, you can’t allow mess, or make it a warehouse.


Ideal break room

Different environments




-Locker room


-Rest area










-Well lit in General


-Dim lighting in the rest area










-Natural: wood, straw, cotton, linen, wool.




-Soft Green


-Soft Blue




-Live plants


Improve performance


-Reach workstation with some advance (about half an hour) in order to stabilize your energy.


-Leave behind the hubbub of the street, public transport, of the problems of the family.

-For example, the space where clients (meeting room or other) should be prepared before these arrive.


-Move the body doing some balance exercises and mobilization.