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Interior lighting

Depending on the mood you want to give a piece of decoration where it is installed or the type of light that you want, the choice of interior lighting is often a headache.

Home Interior Lighting

A room can be illuminated by a direct light , indirect , diffuse , subdued and via suspensions, ask lamps, spotlights, footlightsetc.


Interior suspension
Virtually all parts of a housing can be equipped with a suspension. Powered directly from the ceiling and attached to the latter via apin and a hook or other attachment, the suspension is basic lighting of rooms in a dwelling.

There are many types, shapes and different designs. A suspension can be direct lighting (above table), an indirect lighting (using a baffle to create a cozy atmosphere) or anambient lighting (creating a refined, intimate etc.) or a diffuse illumination (filtered by a material that softens the light output).

Depending on the parts of the habitat or places to light, it is important to choose the luminous flux to associate. All suspensions will not allow a wide range of power, so it is a point to look closely before making your choice.

Table lamp
It is ideal as a fill light . Asked in a corner on a desk or on a bedside table, table lamp created a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Generally this is a good choice if one seeks a source of soft, diffused light.

The table lamp is easily replaced and styles are varied: retro ,contemporary , design etc.

Floor lamp
Floor lamp high and high power (such as halogen up for example), the lamps used to illuminate an entire room by vintage home lighting of Internetages.

In order to play on the luminous flux, the lamp posts are often accompanied by an inverter intensity .

Ceiling lamp
When we have to refresh a room, the ceiling fan with illumination an interesting combination.

Aesthetic and efficient, ceiling fan, stirring allows the room air to generate a more or less powerful light. It is connected to the supply provided for a ceiling  and can be operated either by the associated switch, either zippers or even an infrared remote .

The ceiling fan has several speeds , a power of approximately 100 W (blower ) and 3, 4, 5 or 6 or 7 blades, different lighting (spot, ceiling ball etc.) and comes in different styles-modern, retro, design etc.

Track light
Very contemporary design and the, or rail lamps are trendy. The light generated is relatively strong (especially with LED ) and lights kitchen worktop, hall, dressing or even a large room if several lamps are mounted on the rail or rails.

Often adjustable, the rail lamps are very versatile to create a mood. Moving on the rail, the spots are installed to individual desires and lighting needs. Generally, rail lamps operate at very low voltage and require a transformer.

Lamp base
Fine, wide, short or high, there is a multitude of types of lamp bases to ask.

Depending on requirements, the place we want light and atmosphere we want to create them combine shape, height and capacity (in terms of electric power).

Combined with a lampshade, you will get a table lamp. Reading corner, corner furniture, mood lighting on furniture, applications are numerous. The materials ( wood, metal, ceramics ) and styles ( classical, contemporary , etc.) are to combine with decoration.

Essential element in addition to a table lamp or a suspension.

Clair, the lampshade allows a generous light, dark creates a soft atmosphere and extra light.

In fabric to pieces like a salon or one bedroom, one prefers aplastic lampshade for cooking-to facilitate cleaning.


Depending on the room where you are, we do not need the same type of lighting. Bright light in a room or a soft light in a dining room is not ideal! To guide you in your choice, here are some ideas.

Living room
The living room is the most complex part to light because it has several vocations!

If your living room is not dining, opt for an indirect lighting or mood lighting to create a warm atmosphere while ensuring sufficient brightness. To do so, a floor lamp with dimmer , or one or more table lamps judiciously placed will be perfect. You can also play with your furniture, your plants, your decorations by putting them in value with small adjustable spotlights withindirect lighting .

If your living room is also dining room, you will have to aluminaire with direct lighting  on the table. A suspension will be perfect in this case, placed in line, style fits your decor and light your need flow.

Kitchen room
In the kitchen, we must see what we did! Here, no question of soft diffuse light… At the top of your cooking appliance, your work plan, or your or your sinks , choose a powerful direct light. Then one speaks of functional lighting .

The spots, recessed and track and usually LED, are very effective to illuminate a small area – the fluorescent tubes are trying to disappear … we wonder why!

For general lighting of the kitchen, a suspension may also be a good choice to complement extra lighting.

One room is a special room that should inspire tranquility, rest and quiet. However, to perform daily tasks (making the bed, cleaning, wardrobe etc.) must also benefit from good lighting.

To do this, in the kitchen image, you can choose lighting that several will each have a different purpose. a suspension or a floor lamp to illuminate the entire room , and bedside lamps or small wall sconces to create a soft and serene atmosphere once in bed

If your room has a dressing room, it will have its own light – direct when possible with spotlights on rail or integrated lighting to furniture.

This is the crossing point by excellence! No way to leave it in the dark. You have several options to make it light: a high-power suspension , a series of rail spots, recessed or wall sconces spots, the choice is vast.

Remember that you’re just passing through, but you should not however seeking your way in the dark!


Choose the type and design of the lighting is not everything! It is also necessary to equip a suitable and efficient bulb , both in luminous flux in energy savings.

To help you get inspired by these few tips for you to choose from.

Incandescent bulb
It is the old filament bulb Thomas Edison  ! It is now obsolete because its light output relative to its power consumption is not very economical – often it warmed more than it lit!

Halogen bulb
Very often light because of high power halogen bulb still remains relatively high energy . Some street lights must be fitted with halogen bulb to function properly with their dimmer.

Energy saving bulb
The low-energy bulb is new and replaces the incandescent bulb.Its name varies from one manufacturer to another,  energy saving bulb ,  energy saving bulb or CFL .

For the same light output, the CFL consumes much less energy than a conventional bulb.

The first generations of CFLs had a heating time where the light was not returned in full immediately after ignition. Today is ancient history if you choose a light bulb called “Quick Start” where electronic overcomes the slow ignition time.

LED bulb
This is the new generation! Bulb exceptional durability, shock resistance, instant start with full power, low power consumption … is today the ultimate in bulb.

The plus is that the LED bulb has an end and a decreasing life no grid instantly leaving you in the dark. Obviously this is the type of bulb the more expensive market.


Vary lighting
Whatever the room, a single light source is not ideal. Consider life everyday and everyday tasks. A strong direct light as a primary light, and one or more diffuse lighting or indirect to set the mood and relax in the evening.

Adjust the light output
The most beautiful lighting is useless if it is not equipped with a bulb with a lumen adapted as needed. Consider also saving energy by studying all the panel bulbs available on the market: compact fluorescent, LED etc.

Respect decoration
Make your choice to a fixture that combines with your decor .Modern with modern, classic with the classic etc. Note that you can choose a classic suspension but equip it with the latest generation bulbs!

Choose a standardized lighting
Always choose a light, whatever its type, which responds to different safety standards. The CE marking  is a guarantee of quality (NF marking in addition to CE, is ideal for domestic bonds in terms of safety are even more drastic).

If you install yourself and your light fixture that requires one or more connections, be sure to trip the circuit corresponding before any work!


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