Herstal Retro Lamps from Style 1920-1970

One of the most famous periods for lamp-design is the year from 1920-1970 where people created many interior lamps which today are icons for us and for the time being. For some people retro lights from Herstal creates memories and for others they represent a glimpse of history, but it is common to all that they are loved for their timeless and beautiful design that keeps many years after.

Herstal Retro Lamps

Scandinavian design lamps from Herstal

Maybe you even know several of the designs as Herstal here have reproduced, or maybe you even have some of them yet? In the years in which these designs are from, the quality was at least as important as the great-looking design, that is why the lights are in many places. At that time, the design had placed great emphasis on the history of design-each lamp should tell a story or be a part of it-it makes that today we can introduce these beautiful retro lamps from Herstal with many truly fine detail and in a super quality.

Herstal Retro Lamps

Retro floor lamps, wall lights and table lamps from Herstal

Lights from Retro series is good to create calm, comfort and atmosphere at home and we think they fit equally well to the current tight Scandinavian style to the classic style. Retro series are made in many series and can be found respectively, such as table lamps, wall lamps, floor lamps, wall decoration, etc. You can view the entire series by searching on a particular series in the site, or see the lamps through Google. Common to them is that it is focused on the good lighting and you can advantageously use compact fluorescent lamp in retro lamps.

Retro ceiling lamps from Herstal

Commuter and ceiling lamps are generally seen it we sell most of it also, as is the case in Retro series of Herstal. Commuters are typically made of metal with a plastic or glass part where the light can come out and down, for example. the dining room table. Retro ceiling lights are available in many sizes, depending on which series is selected. You can put them up singly, in clusters or on stripe-it is entirely up to your liking. Typical colors for Herstals retro lamps are black, chrome, white and so pastel and dark pastel colors. These colors are both classic and simple and goes well into the many homes with strong colors on interior design.