Herstal Lamps – Scandinavian design lamps with a Zing!

Herstal lamps are made with attention to detail and good light. Herstal has evolved over time to become a really great player on lamps and lighting in both Denmark and international markets. In short, Herstal manufactures nice design and good lights at affordable prices. You can also view their entire range at www.herstal.dk.

Herstal is Danish, classic design which keeps for many years

Herstal never stops developing new attractive lamps and is in time also gone into home accessories. But the development on lamp portion is not stopped and has in fact been given extra momentum. Herstal thinking, of course, the energy-saving technology into their creative abilities, resulting in beautiful lamps in good quality and with space for compact fluorescent lamp and LED bulbs.
Do you need a specific lamp from Herstal?

We try as far as possible to have all Herstals lamps in our assortment and our inventory – but shouldn’t we hold exactly your lamps you are looking for, please send us a query on your final product or spare part! We can smoothly get everything from Herstal home over a week to 14 days if Herstal holds the lamp!