Grocery Store: Fit for the Future with LED Light

Power and Light in the food trade are increasingly scarce and increasingly expensive goods, the operation of lighting systems is proving a great cost. To set up their branches healthy for the future, companies are resorting increasingly to energy efficient and viable LED lighting solutions.

Hard to believe, but true: unbelievable 25 percent of total energy costs account for the food trade to the operation of lighting systems. No wonder then that companies increasingly look for low-cost and energy-efficient solutions. There are no getting past the use of LED bulbs in E27 socket.

LED bulbs score particularly in a cool environment with excellent operating characteristics, durability, and simultaneously low lumen depreciation and versatile designs. In addition, the life of the LEDs is not affected by its switching frequency, and the light is switched on power available. The required cooling capacity at closed systems can also significantly decrease due to the reduced radiant heat from LED lighting compared with conventional lamps. Operating costs are reduced considerably.

LED technology with many advantages

The triumphal march of LED lighting solutions in the food trade is vollstens entitled. Advantages as targeted light in the emission almost free of infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UV) radiation is and specially designed for the different product groups light color holds, are one of the reasons for the rapid spread of LED light in the fresh produce area. Especially in the light of food it depends on their quality and freshness to preserve. Proper lighting should reflect the natural colors of the different products lifelike and in addition to providing an appetizing and inviting impression. This involves therefore a priority to an “honest” and not a “nice end” light use.

Fruits and vegetables with their diverse natural colors for example, require warm light colors with very good color rendering. The freshness of red and white fish can however be better to emphasize with cool light. For meat and sausage, with its high proportion of red must for the white of the fat to remain visible, for which filter discs are used. LED solutions for fresh food counters but carry not only the temperature and light sensitivity of different invoice, but avoid for example graying of sausages or sweating of cheese and thus reduce product losses.

made easy retooling

The optimization of the light insert protects one hand the available resources to minimize climate-related impacts, but also decreases the energy costs for a better economic performance. Modern LED systems offer a significant “round” -Use. Conversions are thanks to the innovative rental model of the German light rent to accomplish fast and risk-free for each operation.