Garbage, Ancient Kitchen Utensils That Illuminate

The old kitchen utensils they have a special charm: graters, colanders and vegetable pins as there now. Perhaps lack of avant-garde designs and novel materials, but the feeling that gives me your single vision is hard to explain with words.

In the House of my childhood still some of these pots, remain still in use, and which my progeny is reluctant to get rid, with great joy for my part; and I will confess that on some visits, when nobody sees me, sack the Cabinet to only look at them.

Against this background, it is normal that I have liked both the creations of Gilles Eichenbaum, alias Garbage, that used waste and ancient artifacts to perform original lamps that seem crazy inventions.

Teapots, pans and other utensils are embossed with a multitude of small holes that add charm to the lamps. An old cutting board provides support to create a lamp very surreal hanger and Italian coffee makers-crinkled are perfect toe for a few lamps in which a flaneras serve as a screen. Would not know with what stay…

Web page can be made orders, prices range between 180 and 450 euros according to the design.

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