Find SIRIUS Tube Lights Online

We have a large selection of Sirius tubelight online with fast delivery and of course, a cheap freight. You can for example find all known bolette lighting chains with bullets in several colors with us-Yes, indeed, we have all Sirius Bolette tubelight on the side, with day-by-day delivery. Bolette Kids are lighting chains with balls for children with lots of history. You can find the balls with animals or with Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales.

In addition, we have ordinary tubelight for many purposes, they can be found on the battery and with the hours so they only lights up when you need it. We always ensure to have an updated range of Sirius tubelight for everyday and party-and always with LED bulbs for best light at the lights and the least possible power consumption.

SIRIUS Christmas tree chains

You must use a Christmas tree Garland light from Sirius in the course of the year? So we actually have them in stock also. It is not only possible to purchase Christmas tree chains for Christmas, but also for the rest of the year, therefore, you can always find lightchains to Christmas trees or for other purposes throughout the year. If there are some Christmas tree chains you need that we don’t have on the page, so just write definitively for us and we must try to obtain them for you.

SIRIUS outdoor lighting chains

SIRIUS is also a master in making outdoor tubelights which withstands the Danish climate with our hard wind and weather. Most outdoor lighting chains used in autumn and in winter period, of course, most often around Christmas. But you have many options for using lighting chains throughout the year, both for everyday comfort on the terrace and the large and small summer parties. Do you need lighting for store or Office? So have the Sirius lighting is also a great selection of Pro lighting for shops etc. It is made of super quality and with a strong focus on proper quality light that highlights the items in the store.