External Lighting: Tips on How to Repaginate the Environment

Everyone have a good lighting in your house, and not only internally. Because, the home is seen first on the outside. Make a good impression with good lighting is nothing evil. And this goes beyond having only one lamp. The decoration needs to be designed in a harmonious way.

External Lighting Tips on How to Repaginate the Environment

Tips on lighting for outdoor area

Designers and decorators often say that the illumination of the environment is one of the most important items of a project of renovation or construction. So much so that some companies have specialized in the area of lighting technique, that takes into account the application of light in a particular environment to create effects that enhance both the external area and the internal of a residence.

A good lighting of the external area should take into account a series of factors, such as the type of lamp, the composition with the other elements arranged in the local style which combines with the owner’s (or function of the building) and the colors.

The lighting of the external area should have your style

Lighting environments such as the garden, the gourmet area, swimming pool or any other that is on the outside of your house is essential. Because, depending on the choices that you make, the external area can have a face completely different from the imagined. It is necessary if you plan to, asking what is your style and which lighting fits best in each place you will put.

Types of lamps

Fluorescent: also Known as lamps cold, since they do not dissipate heat as incandescent. In general emit lighting white or slightly bluish, and are available in formats that are tubular or compact.

Led: LED bulbs are the new feel of the lighting. Have a greater durability and cost benefit. They last longer and consume less electrical power.

Lighting + decor

If the intention is to illuminate an area gourmet, light fixtures are the best ordered. Already in a garden is recommended for directional lights, which highlight the plants and arrangements of the most beautiful.

Creating climate

Colored lights call attention to the modern appearance of the host, lights low, let the mood more intimate, chandeliers lend a classic air. In this by the perfect weather, it is worth testing the various options until you find the one that best fits your style.

Choose appliances and accessories for outside areas

At the time to equip your area of preference to equipment specially developed for this purpose. As is the case of the sconces, turtles, flares, reflectors, poles, skewers for gardens, restrain, pending from the ceiling, and projectors, among other elements that can literally illuminate the external environments of their resistance.

Take the floor into consideration

Do not choose at random the accessories for external lighting. For this, consider all elements of the area, especially the floor. If the floor is clear or pedriscos, for example, bet on poles white. If the floor is lawn, with dark stones or decks woody, the ideal is to invest in poles black. A detail that seems simple can make all the difference.

Careful with the excess of colors

The external areas can be colorful, like flowers of different shades, playground for children and seats painted. Invest in light bulbs PAR20. If it is a larger space, invest in PAR38. These models are the most commonly used in these situations. Do not forget to buy wiring with enhanced protection, for if it be exposed to children, do not encounter accidents.

Positioning of the lighting

To plan the schemes, garden lighting, it is recommended that you even take a spin around the site during the night. With this, you will notice that point this need of light, and you can also decide when and how you want to use this space.

There are spaces that have a great need for lighting

Corridors, paths, entries, driveways, stairs, steps, decks, patios, gardens and swimming pool.


The front of the house needs to receive special attention in the decoration. Merging colors, lights and objects of decoration give a refinement to most any residence. The LED is high, why not invest it to your porch, or the gourmet area? There are several possibilities.