Essential Orange, The Mobile Phone Designed for Seniors

Mobile telephones have become one mandatory gadgets in our pockets. Therefore there are models of the most varied, from basic to people who only want to call and little else, until complete computers in small dimensions. Essential Orange It is a different mobile phone, it is a terminal thought in older people.

It is manufactured by ZTE and stands out for its keys with large numbers, thus designed for users with visual impairments. In addition, also incorporates certain special features such as a rear slider that serves as emergency button: use, the mobile will send a message of text default to a set of numbers chosen above, as they can those of some close relatives or even the of the Service 112, known emergency number.

In all other respects, Essential Orange It’s a very basic mobile phone: it will allow calls, SMS text messages, it has FM radio, a flashlight and the screen is monochrome 1.65 inches… Not looking for more than what it includes, it is a basic terminal for a set of very specific users.

An excellent phone for what and for whom it is intended. Although it will be distributed under the Orange company, only prepaid (card) will be sold in modality and will it be available in pharmacies. The price of the Orange essential is 35 euros, including 12 in opening balance.