Detail for The House… a Twitterer

In the event Blog last week we saw how most of the bloggers were Twitterers, all had their account of Twitter where they had their adventures and where papers commented. The truth is that I was thinking that if you don’t have Twitter in this universe less that don’t exist, so I decided to decorate my house so noticeable that I am super sunset in new technologies.

This at that it illuminates You can be the first step towards the conquest of the masses twitteras, so my followers to multiply and to have the House that any geek would want to have. The only downside? That is not sold in shops this typographic apply, but that has been created exclusively for the offices of Twitter.

I said it to the Charter of the Kings, and you? By the way, if you want to follow us, that ye may know that Decoesfera is also on Twitter.