Creative Tips: Decorate with Lighting

Learn how to choose the right lighting to decorate your space by getting a nice atmosphere.


Lighting is an important part of the decor that never goes out of style, and much less, loses importance. As in all, trends change and currently the recessed lighting is fashionable, but this technique didn’t take the charm and charm of another type of light fixtures.

The lighting should be considered the functional point of view, but also decorative. In the areas where different activities it is supposed that there is the possibility of modifying the lighting to suit each one of them. Combining various types of lighting fixtures using lamps suspended, standing, table, wall, recessed lights in the ceiling or on the wall, etc. Bet also in the diversity of materials and pay attention to the type of light. If this is white tone may have a cooler environment, if you use yellow light will get a warmer environment. Should take into account the reflections in the decoration and surrounding objects, because due to the incidence of light in the same tonality of this will change. To be able to adjust the lighting to your decorating space, note the different types of lighting: functional Lighting consider the intended function space and the need to carry out the activities in question.
For example, inappropriate choice of a lamp for reading can derail this activity if the brightness is low, if the light overshadow the reader, if the type of lamp overheating, as well as, in the kitchen, we can’t have a lighting design shadows in the work area. This type of lighting is also intended for environments that require clarity for your safety, such as: ladders, concourses and halls; Punctual lightingthis type of lighting is designed to highlight a specific decoration, pointing as: coffee tables, headboard and cabinets. Is the lighting just sole focus for a cited, allowing give more importance to the given object or appointment; Ambient lightingthis type of lighting takes a more general character in space, thinning throughout the environment. Consists in the distribution of light in a way that directors for the environment offering ample lighting; Decorative lightingwith regard to the decorative aspect, the lighting can be used to emphasize or hide, areas, objects; limited spaces; play with the effects of light and shadow in order to make the environment more dynamic, welcoming and sophisticated; Kinetic lighting usually conducted through fireplaces and candles, the same offers an aspect of motion because the shadows created by the flames, offering a cosy atmosphere.