Condominiums: Save Energy in 5 Simple Steps

It is easy to see that the consumption of electrical energy can be the major villain of the expenses in a condominium, and to control wastage seems to be a big challenge. However, saving energy is an easy task that only requires a planning about what is spent and what can be reduced.

Condominiums Save Energy in 5 Simple Steps

It is valid to point out that there is no economy if there is not changes and small investments, but that the benefits caused by the planning of consumption are unmatched. There are simple measures and precautions daily can significantly reduce this spending and keep the budget balance.

Check out the step-by-step and learn from the tips economy:

  • First step:

Rethink the structure of the condominium.

Environments well ventilated and clear can significantly decrease the expense of electrical. The windows well positioned to offer environments more clear, that dispense the use of lamps during the day, in addition to making the place more airy, that interferes with the use of the air conditioning. Another tip very effective is the installation of presence sensors in the environment sector. In the elevator, for example, the light tends to stay the entire time in operation, with sensors it is easy to control the frequency of use.

  • Second step:

Invest in wiring new!

Many companies cultivate the same electrical installations for a long time without any maintenance. On the wires affected the trend of leakage power is very strong, generating a waste intense in the distribution. In addition to that a wiring impaired and the very old can provide drops asked power, shock, high voltage, and even fires. The average age for an electrical installation working well is 30 years.

  • The third step:

New equipment, the economy in days!

The use of electrical appliances, new makes all the difference in the budget. Equipment is very old tend to pull more power than the more modern even running poorly. This is why the proper wear of the instrument that causes it to continue spending the same amount of energy for a run slower and slower. In addition, the new electronic devices present cost-effective technologies, highly effective in energy use, working more with spending less.

  • Fourth step:

Lighting economical!

The first tip is to take a simple measure in relation to increased energy expenditure in any place, the lighting. The current bet lighting economical is the use of LED lamps. This type of lamp generates estimated to save 80% when compared to the other. They have luminous flux powerful, use low voltage to operate, feature specific templates for spacious environments and 90% of the consumption of energy is reversed in light, that is, there is almost no waste of electrical consumption.

  • Fifth step:

Raising awareness makes a difference!

One of the biggest challenges in the control of the condominium is to regulate the spending of the residents. Develop awareness-building campaigns is a way to show them that there is a general concern about spending and this can benefit including.

Brochures and prescriptive can be included in this campaign. List some of the instructions for the correct use of the devices most used are a good method to start. In the elevator, for example, it is possible to put a brochure telling about the best way to use it and avoid the evil use of the instrument, in addition to spread educational guidelines about the negative impacts of wasted energy.