Condominiums: How to Instruct Residents to Save Energy

By the large number of people that circulate and reside it is not possible to keep up with the expenses the individual, but with a little strategy it is possible to find ways to mitigate the exaggerations and counting with the partnership of the residents to the energy saving in the condominium.

Condominiums How to Instruct Residents to Save Energy

To the liquidator, responsible for the order and organization of the space, monitor expenses is not an easy task or even possible to complete, so the education strategic of the locals is the best option to avoid spending to go beyond what is necessary. Thinking about helping in this process we have prepared a step-by-step with possible problems and solutions to the hype with the expense of electrical energy.

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Step 1 – Posters and Guidelines

Many residents still do not realized what they can do for the economy of the space where they reside or how it will be beneficial for him. In this sense, before any other action is necessary to present good arguments to convince him. This is an effective method of drawing attention of the inhabitant to the unnecessary use of energy that many times goes unnoticed.

  • What to do:

Choose the places and right ways to draw attention. Paste posters informative in environments with greater circulation. Use good information on the subject to show how important it is that each contributes a little to the procedure.

In addition to giving important information may also be glued, instructions on the use of the elevator, for example. These instructions will serve to direct the resident to the use in the correct way and only when it is necessary, in this way it may be charged in fact to each resident by the organizers of the environment.

Download free Poster of the economy , and instruct the residents by pasting in the main spaces!

Step 2 – Meeting with the locals

A good way to enhance the educational effect is to bring together residents and talk about the subject. This way your goal will become clear and the instructions can be translated into rules if there is an agreement among all of them.

It is important to talk about the economy not only of the common areas, but also of the way each individual residence. A meeting dedicated to the subject will demonstrate the concern on the part of the owners and will reinforce the instructions passed on the day-to-day.

  • What to do:

Convene a general meeting and discuss the main suggestions. The elevator is one of the great villains of the account of energy, in this case it may be suggested special conditions to use it. Avoid using it in just a floor or two, or even several times a day, only use in case of great need, such as when you are carrying weight, etc. Additionally, solutions such as, to use the shower at the right temperature, usingLED lamps, etc. should also be addressed.


3rd step – internal Changes

Technical changes made by the sector is responsible are very effective and important to start the process of the economy. Studying the environment in this step it is very important to consider the areas that more consume or waste energy, and that can be changed in them. Check the daily turnover of certain places will help you identify the peaks of expenditure and to know what to do to minimize them.

  • What to do:

In heavily populated areas it is better that the lights are lit straight to prevent wear, therefore, to improve use, to bet on economic LED lamps is the best choice. In areas with a significant movement, such as corridors or elevator it is interesting to make the installation of occupancy sensors to control this spending. Take the first step is a way to show to the residents that the project of economics is effective.

Some important steps for the organization of space contribute to the economy of energy in the condominium. Check out the major:
  • Replace the traditional products by the latest technologies
  • Check the wiring harness constantly
  • Regularly clean the light fixtures and equipment that traps dust
  • Install light sensors to avoid the waste
  • Look for lamps idealfor every type of environment
  • Instruct the residents not to overload the elevator
  • Use solar energy to heat the showers of the condominium

To help superintendents and responsible to start a good management of energy savings in the condominium have prepared the Guide of the economy, with exclusive tips on the economy in condos.