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Philippines Economy

Economy Industry According to ebizdir, in a regional comparison, the Philippines only made the transition from import-substituting to export-oriented industrialization with some delay. The export of industrial products is mainly driven by the electronics and semiconductor industries. However, these are mainly outsourced, labor-intensive manufacturing steps by foreign companies. State-supervised export production zones, usually supported by… Read More »

Cities in Philippines

Cagayan de Oro Cagayan de Oro, port city on the north coast of Mindanao, Philippines, (2015) 676,000 residents (in the metropolitan area 716,100 residents). Archbishopric; University; Center of copra cultivation, extensive industrial facilities under construction; international Airport. Angeles Angeles [ a ŋ xeles, Spanish], city in the rice plains of Central Luzon, Philippines, 90 km… Read More »

Mindanao, Philippines

Mindanao, southernmost, with 94 630 km 2 the second largest island of the Philippines, (2015) 24.1 million residents. National nature: Mindanao has predominantly highland and mountain character; more extensive plains are only the Agusantal in the northeast and the plain of Cotabato in the west. With the exception of the Davao area, the coastlines are… Read More »

Luzon, Philippines

Luzon [lu s ɔ n, Spanish lu.theta ɔ n], largest, most populous and most economically important island in the Philippines. With 104 688 km 2, Luzon comprises 35% of the Philippine land area and with around 57.5 million residents, more than half of the total population. National nature: From northwest to southeast Luzon extends over… Read More »

Saint Petersburg State Polytechnic University (Russia)

St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University. The full name – Federal State Institution of Higher Education for Professional Training, the informal name – “Polytech”, or “Leningraski Politexnizheski Institut” LPI as it is known in Cuba). It is a center of higher education located in the city ​​of Saint Petersburg within the group of national research universities… Read More »

Vietnamese Arts

Vietnamese art [viεt-], the art of the peoples (Vietnamese, Cham, Tai and Mon-Khmer groups) living today and in the past on the current territory of Vietnam. – Archaeological finds indicate the existence of a Bronze Age culture in the Red River Delta, which began in the 6th century BC. Began and especially between 208 BC.… Read More »

Countries in Central Asia

Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan belongs to Central Asia. This country borders four other countries, namely Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, China and Uzbekistan. Although Kyrgyzstan lacks forests, Kyrgyzstan has the largest walnut forests in the world. Various animals such as deer, foxes and of course many other animals also live in these forests. Birds of prey also live in the… Read More »

China Human Geography

The border regions and the innermost ones, although characterized by low densities, they recorded higher than average increases, due both to the positive natural balance and to immigration in support of economic development and military defense. According to 800zipcodes, the population density also shows significant variations and, compared to the average of 141.45 residents /… Read More »

Philippines vs Thailand vs Malaysia

Philippines The Philippines is an archipelago in the western Pacific Ocean and consists of a total of 7107 islands. About 880 of these islands are inhabited, with only 11 islands having an area larger than 2500 km². More than 6000 Philippine islands are even smaller than 1 km². The Philippine archipelago is divided into 3… Read More »

India Territory

Broadly speaking, the territory of India is constituted by the southern or external side of the Himalaya- Karakoram, by the Gangetic plain and finally by the large and squat peninsula of the Deccan. According to itypeusa, these three great and fundamental divisions represent as many structural elements, to which the geological evolution of the entire… Read More »