Built-In Lamps: Discover Its Advantages

The lighting becomes more and more one of the most essential points of a good architecture project. It can be made in several ways: chandeliers, tears in the ceiling, recessed luminaires, among others. However, the one that is on the rise at the moment is the decoration with apparent lamps.

Built-In Lamps Discover Its Advantages

Traditionally, customers and designers have always preferred the use of luminaires that hid the lamps. However, with the evolution of the design of the models, leaving them exposed has become one of the biggest trends of recent years.

Check out ways to further enhance your favorite environments with a beautiful decoration with lamps!


The best lamps to achieve a quality decorative effect are those of LED technology, since manufacturers have invested more and more in the design of the models, providing many modern and creative design solutions.

In addition, its cost-effectiveness is very positive in the medium and long term, despite the initial price being higher than the competitors. LED bulbs have high durability, consume less energy and, as a result of their breakage, they represent an ecologically correct solution, since they have no toxic metals or gases in their composition, such as incandescent and fluorescent.

Another advantage is that they do not emit heat to the environment during the hours of operation and are more resistant to touch, which avoids accidents.

A decoration with LED lamps that mimic the design of the old incandescent, for example, is much more economical, beautiful and safe to the users of the space. In this way, solutions are possible from the simplest – the lamp alone as a pendant – or more sophisticated – with small models composing with chandeliers. Use your creativity!


Niches, shelves, countertops, panels, linings. Each element of your decor can be valued with a different lamp shape. LED tapes go well both for decorative effect, valuing the shapes of each piece of furniture, as for task lighting, on dining benches and inside closets.

The mini incandescent-like LED bulbs also look great for a make-up counter in girls’ rooms around the mirror. The effect is incredible!

Featured pieces in a decoration, such as an aquarium, deserve all the care. In that case, investing in colored lights or cool white is a good option to draw even more attention to the object. However, do not forget to keep this light on for only a few hours so as not to hinder the development of the fish.


One of the best strategies to use decoration with lamps is to convey sensations, according to the environment to be decorated. With home automation increasingly accessible, you can create scenes for every occasion!

For rooms, balconies and gourmet areas, for example, it is interesting to invest in a more relaxed, relaxing atmosphere. Here, warm white lighting is the right choice. You can use the bulbs as pendants, using cast or whole metal appliances, with more bold formats to complement the effect.

For a more romantic atmosphere, the light strings look great at the head of the bed. They come in various shapes, lengths and appearances of color, emitting a more discreet clarity during the rest hours. In children’s bedrooms, a very good play effect is that of small dots on the ceiling.


Although controversial, a decoration with colored lamps can indeed be very beautiful. Used together, they have a festive and joyous effect, as in the end-of-year celebrations . Alone, they value certain points of decoration and may also have a chromotherapeutic function.

Blue lamps are great for valuing textures on a wall, while green ones, which attract fewer insects, can be used in conjunction with white ones in gardens. The reds reinforce the romantic mood and improve the visibility in the dark, while the orange ones improve the metabolism and leave the atmosphere more cozy.

Some LED lamps have a color-changing function during operation. They are excellent for color therapy in bathrooms, where the system should allow you to fix in just one color or change constantly.

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