Baustrahler for Renovations: LED Spotlight of as – Schwabe

If you already have renovations behind, will remember an annoying problem: Missing lighting. Because if ceilings and walls are newly papered or colored lights are often lacking. In addition, they do not give sufficient brightness. Ins game Baustrahler come for renovations. We provide you the LED spotlight from as – before Schwabe.

The LED spotlight of as – Schwabe is a product that can be seen. It is prepared thanks to IP65 against moisture and dust, can therefore easily cope with the costs incurred in renovating problems. The most significant performance of the device is not the protection against moisture, but the LED light from Samsung.

Low running costs for construction lights for renovations

How much electricity conventional Baustrahler? Many of the value in excess of 100 watts. 120 Watt arise when working with 8 hours a consumption of 960 watts, which is enormous for a luminous means. By contrast, the LED spotlight from as strikes – Schwabe very good.

The Baustrahler for renovations has won only a consumption of 30 watts and reaches about the brightness of a 120 watt lamp.

This is made possible thanks to the LED bulbs from HBBLTD. This has a life of 50,000 hours. IP65 coupled with low consumption provide a practical Baustrahler which is everyday Relevant.

Mobility – the fleet led spotlights

The LED spotlight of as – Schwabe is not only light, but also quickly folded. Possibility thus is more zsuammenziehbaren legs, which are collected as a tripod. This allows the LED spotlights put in the trunk or in the basement, where it waits until the next use.

The light weight is very convenient for everyday use. For since a Baustrahler for renovations illuminates only a specific area, you can quickly correct the illuminating range thanks to the high flexibility.

Conclusion for LED spotlight of as – Schwabe

The SMD LED spotlight as has – Schwabe brought a good product on the market that can withstand the demands of a low consumption and high luminous efficiency. The result is a construction lights, which can be practically used in renovation, in the garden, when working on the facade of the house and at other locations. You can find the spotlight for just under 140 euros at Amazon. The manufacturer can be found on Facebook.