Alcatel OT-I650, Mobile for Athletes

Gone are the times when Alcatel was a recognized brand in the world of mobile telephony, with models classic as the One Touch Easy. It is now difficult to find models of this manufacturer in the market, although they still offer some as the Alcatel OT-I650, a mobile focused athletes.

Its technical characteristics are not of this world, indeed is a low-end phone, though it includes some interesting features, such as an accelerometer that implements the function shake control which already have other mobiles, and which allows us to switch between different applications by shaking it.

For athletes, this accelerometer also works as a pedometer, which we use when we are running. As a curious feature, at the top includes a light that we can use as a flashlight.

The Alcatel OT-I650 It has a camera with 1.3 megapixels of resolution, music player, tuner FM radio and Bluetooth connectivity. Highlights, especially, their autonomy, up to 12 hours in conversation and up to 30 days standby.

At the moment it is on sale in Russia for a price, change, about 90 euros.