Abbreviations uses a few acronyms. You can find specific meaning of each
abbreviation. If you are seeking more detailed description of each one, you can
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  • LED: Light-emitting Diode. >>
  • CFL: Compact Fluorescent Lights. >>
  • DIY: do it yourself.
  • AC: a type of electrical current where the current repeatedly changes direction.


  • V: Voltage.
  • LM: Lumen
  • SMD: Surface-Mounted-Diode.
  • LCD: liquid-crystal display.
  • K: Kilo

Abbreviations 2

  • Com: Company
  • Admin: Administration.
  • L x W x H: Length x Width x Height
  • KG: Kilogram

Abbreviations 3

  • PDA: personal digital assistant
  • PC: Personal Computer
  • DC: Direct current
  • BTW: By the Way. >>