A Bad Idea: Lamps Made with Plastic Bags

In my opinion, there are times that the designers they go, I don’t know if it is that they already do not know that invent or if your intention is to only draw attention regardless of as get it is that many times they create furniture and accessories that are original, but they are neither attractive nor practical… I.e., that the objective is not understood if it is not one that be noted and the truth is that to get it.

Otherwise wouldn’t be me right now talking about these lamps made with bags of plastic that first they seem awful and also I believe are even dangerous, maybe these particular no, it seems that they are filled with air and manufacturer will have ensured that there is no risk of burning plastic or melts, but the idea taking place can be dangerous if someone try at home.

Because in reality there are even several models, are within the proposals of lighting of Burojet, along with other lamps made of paper. I understand that it’s okay to recycle and that is important to find uses for plastic bags, reuse them and so there are a lot of options in fashion and decoration, and the plastic with the heat of a light bulb does not seem the most suitable combination.

As always it is a matter of taste and might love some of you these lamps, If so out I stress that if someone likes and he wants one of them, it is advisable to buy it in a shop, and in this case to avoid doing so ourselves, think if the plastic is too close to the incandescent light bulb the result it would be disastrous, so very careful.


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