5 More Mistakes Committed in the Lighting

Everybody wants to have a quality lighting in your home. Even more so when this can be combined with a decoration , customized interior. But how to make choices that make sense, knowing the both of the options that exist in the market? The risk of making mistakes is very large. For this, the correct way is to have the support of those who understand.

5 More Mistakes Committed in the Lighting 1

Knowing this, we are here to help! In this text you will know what are the biggest problems that happen in the time to design a interior design and lighting. You will also see what to do to prevent these failures and to achieve a quality result. We’re going there?

1. Do not buy LEDs bad

As we talked already on our channel earlier, it is very important to use LED bulbs regulated and with a warranty. With this you will be assured a good color reproduction, durability, and lighting quality, which justifies the choice.

An example we can give is the apartment of one of our friends clients. When he purchased the LEDs without beingstandardized into any store, the play had little durability. In just 6 months, half of the LEDs had burned out, and thosenot burned were with different tones, such as purple and pink.

To avoid these problems, it is very important that you focus in on pieces laid down and certified by Inmetro. In addition,buy products of lighting where you know you’ll get quality products. Only thus you will avoid the mistakes committed in the lighting.

5 More Mistakes Committed in the Lighting 2

2. Do not overdo it in spots

When you choose for many spots, the effect it generates can be called swiss cheese in the ceiling. It is very important to have shade in the lighting, which is not possible when many spots are used. Bruno Mantovani, from our YouTube channel, loves spots! But you know that it’s not worth quit filling your project with them.

If you do this, by placing too close to one another, will end up making the light beams cross, which will generate a huge ‘ball of light’. Depending on the case, it is best to use plates 50×50 that the whole environment will be illuminated. This will remove the stray light.
It is important to remember something: spots aims to focus on. This is done on objects, not open spaces.

This is one of the mistakes committed in the lighting, until you mentioned it on our channel and on the blog too. So, avoid whenever possible! Take a read at our blog and see more of techniques such as diffuse light. Can be the solution you are looking for.

3. Use a few pending

Today, pendants are considered to be the play as the joker in the lighting, reigning in any space. In the living room, for example, it is always the highlight, whether in the centre or side. In the room, balcony and a toilet also. Or is, in any place!

But imagine you go into a room with various environments, each one of them with pending. In addition, having outstanding also between the environments. There does not, right?! The idea is to highlight a product in place, in addition to the effects of light and shadow that the piece has. With respect to proportion, there is a feeling of suffocation and lack of range if you use a lot of outstanding together.

Knowing that this is one of the mistakes committed in the illumination, the tip is: do not need to overdo it. Choose to merge different techniques, or opt for a layout more minimalist, ok?

5 More Mistakes Committed in the Lighting 3

4. Do not use switches only

Many projects today have already followed this idea, but still there are many who err in this point. We can give the example of a switch that has 3 buttons, they being the responsible for all the lighting of the place. This ends up overloading the component.

Usually, this occurs in works that have not had the participation of architects, engineers, or people with the technical knowledge necessary. To avoid this problem, seek to split the circuits in the correct manner. In addition to the reduction of overhead, there are other factors to avoid this is one of the mistakes committed in the lighting.

In a store, it is easier to have the circuits broken up to use one only in the showcase, even when the establishment is closed.
Another example we can give is the residential. If you want to watch a movie with the family, it is possible dimerizar your lighting or create a structure where only the lighting around the TV to work.

That is, there are numerous techniques that can be done to avoid the use of switches only. To avoid this error!

5. Does not have dúviof

The home is the place where we feel saved and protected. Is where you most want to have comfort, it is not the same? So, seek to be sure in the choices that you make. Knowing that lighting is a very wide field, speak with those who understand!

Today there are several experts who can help you, and a lot of material on the internet. For that your choices are the most correct possible, read a lot and ask. In addition, to avoid any problem, speak with those who understand!

Contact us and get all your questions. If you want to do something that you can be proud of in the future, start by taking all of your questions. The only way to achieve a quality result, and that makes sense to you.