Wood Desk Lamps

Lamps made ​​of wood are traditional representatives of ecodesign. For thousands of years man processes the natural material for the construction of consumer goods and dwellings. Many new wood processing technologies came out in the course of industrialization, which also characterize the lighting design to this day.

The examples of our Lighting Online Shop DesigOrt make clear, are from which materials decorative lamps made ​​of wood. Plywood is a material that produce the Spanish light manufacturer LZF Lamps and the New Zealand Design Studio David Trubridge lighting fixtures made ​​of wood from the. The Finnish manufacturer Secto Design is advantageous to the material form of wood, while the German lighting manufacturer Domus light like on hardwood recourse to make lamps out of wood.

The Desk Lamp LED, signed in recycled solid wood Anurak Suchat.
Desktop lamps with LED spend! Resistant, effective and economical these green lights do not forget to stay attractive. Discover our selection of lamps for all styles, models with USB or solar support, aluminum or colored … You choose!


With LED desk lamps categorized by Pauldigo, we can rely on design objects, more or less sleek, aluminum, stainless steel or … You can opt for the original models with curved or wavy lines for a futuristic effect your decor.


How about a wooden model? Lamps Plato ‘s designer Anurak Suchat are made of solid oak or walnut recycled. They are also equipped with a touch panel to manage the intensity fingertips.


You will also find mini-lamps that plug into your computer via a USB port. These unusual lamps, easily transportable and handy gadgets are mostly to offer your geek friends! As extra lamps, they can be very useful to illuminate your desk.


To bring a touch of humor to your office, discover the model Escape , which as its name suggests, is the key “escape” from a computer keyboard. This desk lamp is lit by clicking on its top.