Why and How to Get Free LED Bulbs

Did you know that since March 2016, public subsidies have been available to many people, enabling some energy saving companies to offer LED bulb packs to low-income households? If your earnings do not exceed a certain threshold, here’s how to get them.

Several companies specialized in the field of energy saving have embarked on the niche, the aim being to distribute as many packs as possible to recover the most subsidies for them. But no worry for you: the offer is quite serious and recommendable. The government has forced energy providers to spend 900 million euros over three years to finance programs to reduce energy consumption for the benefit of the most modest households.

Who Can Get Free Leds And How?

A single person living in the province, whose reference tax income does not exceed 14 300 euros, will also receive 5 ampoules. Depending on its composition, each household can get up to 3 free kits.

If you live in Île-de-France and your household is composed of four people, it is enough that your reference tax income does not exceed 34.887 euros to be able to receive a free Reduction Pack consisting of 5 LED bulbs 10 W base E27.  The pack also contains a free “StopPub” sticker.

This ceiling increases as you see it, depending on the number of people in your tax home, that is, the number of adults or dependent children living under the same roof.

Your tax number and the reference of your tax advice will be requested to verify the veracity of your request via a validation with the competent tax services, the information communicated is supposed to remain confidential.

This validation also explains the processing time which is several months. The program thus warns that ”  the delivery time of your ReductionLight package is not fixed and may take several months  “.

The program for ordering free light bulbs, called “Reduc’Light”, is available on petsinclude.com: you will have to fill in a form page online. The packs are sent free of charge at their expense.