What is LED Filament Bulb

You may have seen, filament bulbs are back. Leading actresses of fine interior decoration 2015 and at the beginning of the year 2016, we find in all forms: the LED bulb filament, winning return!

What is LED Filament Bulb

Convincing arguments:

The first one? The LED to filament bulb allows to illuminate 360 ° and it is not negligible. We will be back in a few moments on this revolution in the world of LED lighting, because this technology has long criticized for its inability to offer a light spread worthy of fluo-compact bulbs or halogens.

A second argument? They have the retro cachet missing from the light sources since the disappearance of incandescent bulbs in the channels of distribution in 2009. Indeed, with this new technology, called “COB”, the LED bulb filament becomes a decorative object alone. Well, it’s really the class. We find, thanks to the LED bulb filament, the “warm” connivance of filament bulbs that have rocked  a part of our lives.

The info in +: Soon a new full range of decorative LED lights on Led-Flash #staytuned

But in fact, “COG” mean what?

“COG”, it means “Chip on Glass. The literal translation of “Chip on glass” is not especially more speaking. In a few words, the tungsten filaments are covered with LED light sources, which restores the old luster to these new LED bulbs filament.

For me, it changes anything?

Actually, from the point of view of the user, few things. Light bulbs LED COB (Chip on Board) could already produce LED bulbs with a 360 ° lighting. The main difference is aesthetics. Exit the reflectors, Hello filaments. And this bluff same Valerie Damidot.