Wake-up Light Alarm Clock Review

Light alarm clock is a nice start to the day

Light alarm clock, alarm clock for daylight or the dawn Simulator-so called these alarm clocks that morning did not liberate from sleep with a sharp sound, but preparing your body to awaken with a slow dawn. Light alarm clock is a guarantee of a pleasant beginning of the day. Accelerated heartbeat and moodiness that are raised by conventional alarm clocks in most people, thanks to a lighting are becoming a thing of the past. Several models of light alarm clocks can not only in the morning to awaken their owners a gentle light, but also in the evening, help with falling asleep by slow dimming of the light.

The operation of the timer light

If you want to get up at seven in the morning, light alarm clock is adjusted as a regular alarm clock for the seventh time. 30 minutes before the set alarm time the alarm light begins to slowly light up, until it reaches a full or previously set brightness at the seventh. The most common extends also the delicate birds, quiet music or a nice wake-up signal. All models light alarm clocks have other additional features and adjust-ability.

Wake-up Light Alarm Clock Review

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Sleepy man even through closed eyelids sees increasing brightness caused by light alarm clock and stops the production of the sleep hormone melanin. In this way, the alarm clock light contributes to the natural wake-up process.

Additional features of light alarm clock

Individual models of light clocks differ less in the action than in the fitting of additional features. If there are sounds of nature? If you can adjust the time between the first ray of light and sometimes wake up call? If the alarm clock has a USB port that allows you to listen to your own music while you wake up? These are all things that you should look for when buying a light alarm clock, depending on what features are important for each individually. Also the bulb plays an important role for the price of the light alarm clock: currently most light alarm clocks work with halogens, however, are beginning to be available also with LED.