Use LED Gu10 Light Bulbs to Reduce Electricity Consumption

A LED bulb uses light-emitting diodes to emit light. If LED gu10 light bulbs were used, originally for the lights because of their power supply adapted to electronics, they are now used to lighting a House and is very used because it consumes much less power than a normal bulb.

What Is a LED Gu10 Bulb?

Gu10 led bulb is a light bulb low consumption which has many advantages should not be overlooked. For health, LED gu10 light bulbs are simply harmless, because they produce no UV. But the LED gu10 light bulbs also seem to attract more and more individuals and even professionals for many other reasons. With the price of the kWh of electricity that increases every year, everyone is looking for actually all the best alternatives that allow to make savings and reduce its consumption, in this case with thelight bulb low consumption.

Light-Emitting Diode Bulbs

The led is a component electronics, which produces light when it is traversed by an electric current. In a gu10 LED bulb, it is the electroluminescence of a semiconductor which emits a strong light. The semiconductor has two distinct regions of conductivity: the first type ‘P’, consisting mainly of positive charges (holes) and the second type “N”, consisting of charges negative or electrons. It also has a region of radiative recombination where recombine the electrons and the holes when they are under the effect of a potential difference, this is to generate a beam of light.

LED Bulb Or Halogen Bulb?

Individuals and professionals use more LED gu10 light bulbs at the expense of the halogen bulbs. Compared to the latter, GU10 light bulbs have significant assets, the first being their low power consumption. Halogen bulbs, in fact, use more battery power, which leaves almost usually electricity bills high for most households. Although these halogen bulbs offer better lighting, to save money, should not rely too much on them. Unlike with a halogen bulb, energy consumption is significantly lower with a gu10 LED bulb which has higher energy efficiency, which makes the light bulb heats up less.

High Performance Bulbs

Just as good that a halogen bulb, the LED gu10 bulb has a life expectancy that can reach 50,000 h or until 60 000 pm, amounts to 10 times more than a CFL. Besides, contrary to the latter which requires more time to warm up and reach its maximum shine, theLED bulb product instantly light.

A LED bulb is also particularly resistant and ensures a luminous efficiency of 80 lm/W in different color temperatures and an IRC (of color rendering index) greater than 80. In addition, LED gu10 light bulbs offer a level of constant lighting throughout their lives. It is also important to know that LED gu10 bulbs stop not abruptly as incandescent bulbs. Just gradually decreases their effectiveness.

The LED Bulb, An Investment on the Long Term

The cost of a gu 10 LED bulb remains high, even leading to the reluctance of some people. The price depends mainly on the performance of the light bulb and at first glance, this cost may seem expensive, but in reality, it is mostly of an investment on the long term. In fact, it takes really calculate its electricity consumption to understand. Also remember that the gu 10 led bulb rested a very long service life, not need to change regularly as with a halogen for example.

To calculate its power consumption, Let’s take the average consumption of a household using a bulb in a normal way, i.e. 5 hours per day, or 1 825 hours during the year. A halogen bulb consumes 50 W per hour of light, 250 W per day (taking into account the 5 hours of average use). In one year, a halogen bulb consumes 91 250 W while on his side, gu10 led bulb consumes 4 W per hour of light, which makes him a yearly consumption of 7 300 W.

Choose a Bulb

Gu10 led bulb is a light bulb low consumption become increasingly widespread in recent years. As there are a very large selection ofLED gu10 light bulbs on the market, making his choice becomes more and more difficult. If the price sometimes seems to dissuade most households, you should know that it is quite possible to find a cheap LED light bulb.

But above all, be aware that all LED gu10 light bulbs are not the same. In addition, consider some points when choosing a bulb low consumption including visual comfort offered by theLED light bulb, energy, power, use… When making your purchase, remember to check the packaging or ensure the characteristics of LED gu10 light bulbs for you to choose the right. Then, try to choose the right nerve. Check all that may interest you: effective energy (from A to G, A being the models to save energy), life (translated in time), the brightness (in lumens), power (in watts)… The power of LED gu10 light bulbs that you choose will mainly depend on the use you make.

Find Cheap Internet Gu10 LED Bulbs

To reduce expenses and make a few small economies, feel free to opt for a cheap LED bulb. Internet is full of many offers ofLED gu10 light bulbs at prices suitable for all users. Besides, contrary to popular opinion, a cheap LED bulb is not necessarily of poor quality than another. With a quality and a similar performance with a more expensive bulb, you can even choose the model and color you want. In this way, you can opt for the light bulb that will fit perfectly inside your home; nothing like to reduce consumption while ensuring a good inside home.