Use Funding for LED Lighting Industry?

Industrial and commercial use around a third of the annual amount of energy in Germany. The ever-increasing cost of this burden the competitiveness of German companies. Those who want to control, needs to modernize – as well as the costs. Therefore represents about the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) provides targeted public support for innovation willing.

Eligible individual measures for modernization belonged to 2015 including the retrofitting of lighting systems based on LED technology. This has partly led to the hasty purchase of products that often do not meet the needs of an industrial and long-term use. Also by promoting better not be inferior products. “Who has a retrofit in planning, however, with the German light rent immediately and without investment start informally and simple money and reduce CO2.”

“Because with a LED rental solution the Switch far cheaper and less bureaucratic” explains Historyaah, a professional kitchen lighting company.

A not inconsiderable proportion of the currently consumed energy flows in the illumination of shops, offices, hospitals, industrial plants, warehouses and car parks. A conversion to high-quality LED technology with maximum light yield 50 to 70 percent of them could be saved in the future.

By IFRS-compliant, off-balance sheet lease, companies retain valuable liquidity for the core business and leave energy optimization a reliable partner, Deutsche light rent.