UN Climate Change Conference 2015

Although the presently held UN Climate Summit in Paris has set high goals, it left the policy makers often at mere appeals to the implementation of efficiency measures. The statutory in Germany energy audits, which had many companies to submit by December 5, will bring no real trend reversal because, implementation of the counseling by the auditor measures is still voluntary.

This reduces the chances of timely efficiency gains, because many companies avoid investments in energy saving, white Marco Hahn, Director Marketing and Sales of the German light rent. The rental model of the German light rent, which allows retrofitting of lighting with immediate, around 65-percent CO2 savings without capital investment, however, would massively help with area-wide application to an active climate of German companies.

A presented these days study the Federal Environment Agency revealed how drastic consequences to Germany must cease due to climate change in the coming years: “We have to be in the future even more than before with more frequent heat waves, heavy rain and floods,” said Maria Krautzberger, President of Federal environment Agency (UBA). Even if the policy is still lagging behind, is fortunately in many industries to rethink observed. According now grows the user base of the climate-friendly rental model: From international corporations to solid German middle class, it has already helped numerous companies to a rapid transition without investment, thus contributing to a more active environment. The aim of the German light rent is to allow the saving of a total of one million tons of CO2 in this way to 2020th