Types of Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting can illuminate terrace, flower beds, driveway, yard or portal. As applied to a wall, suspended from a pergola or embedded into a terrace, spotlights and lamps decorate your garden while being functional. Lights, solar terminals, projectors: your summer nights are bright!

Important features:

  • Projector
  • Solar lamp
  • Built spot
  • Outdoor wall
  • Table lamp
  • Table lamp
  • outside wall washer
  • Public lighting
  • Exterior spotlight
  • Suspension
  • Ceiling and window
  • floor lamp
  • bollard
  • Ambient lighting


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Written record of Jerome, work controller, Haute Savoie

Electrician training, I first worked in industry where I have installed, wired and serviced many facilities.Subsequently, I supervised the teams that carried out the work. There are about ten years, I turned toward the building and construction. From the small house, gymnasiums and theaters, I had the opportunity to coordinate, control and organize all types of sites.

 For 4 years, I restored and enlarged a cottage in the heart of Haute Savoie. My work experience and knowledge make me a great service.Earthworks, interior, roof, plumbing, electrical, anything goes! We, my daughter my wife’s me, almost everything ourselves! So to answer your questions and guide you and advise you to choose your tools? Easy!

The questions we ask …

What is the outdoor lighting?

Defined by DigoPaul, the outdoor lighting is required to enjoy the garden, the terrace or to join the front door by the driveway at night! Also, the lighting in your outdoor adds a beautiful touch to your home at night.

However, it is functional lighting while highlighting some specific areas of your home. Whatever its type, remember that an outdoor lighting device must meet certain standards (including NF C 15-100) and present an Ingress Protection (IP) adequate.

Compliance with the standard is symbolized by a CE mark (NF or even in addition to CE marking) on the body of the luminaire.IP side to the outside, it must be at least 23 (NF C 15-100) to ensure adequate protection against dust, but especially against splashing water. Know that the ideal for outdoor lighting is IP 65 (or higher) because it fully protects against dust and water spray from all directions.

Types of Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor wall light

It’s the perfect way to showcase and both light your patio or around the house . The lights are mounted on the exterior walls of the house, and their light may be either direct (like spots) or indirect (when the lights are equipped with baffles).

A good compromise is to showcase the building’s architecture while providing enough light for functional lighting . To a lesser extent, one can use sconces to illuminate a passage leading to a door along the house, or even a driveway that would run along a wall.

Outdoor table lamp

Gentle atmosphere and cozy around your garden furniture is guaranteed! Have one or more lamps to ask around your table, in your arbor or on your patio furniture so you can make the most of your outside while having a soft, diffuse … perfect for long summer evenings!

Of course, you need a power supply near or in soil (embedded in the terrace for example) or wall (on an outside wall of the house).

Outdoor suspension light

Who said suspension said fixed rigid structure above his head! If you have an eaves, a porch, or a pergola or arbor , the suspension can be an interesting solution to illuminate your exterior .

Directly attached to the structure, the outer suspension provides direct light or diffuse (depending on type) and provides sufficient lighting to enjoy the terrace or the garden.

Outdoor ceiling light

A picture of a suspension, the ceiling fixed on a fixed and rigid structure . Providing a less direct light as a suspension, it offers all of the same diffuse illumination for you to enjoy your outside.

You can multiply the ceiling depending on the surface to be illuminated.

Outdoor window light

The door can enter the great family of sconces. What differentiates it is that it is completely closed, thus providingdiffused light , less direct that applies.

The door can be installed above a door, along a path or driveway etc., wherever you do not need direct lighting.

Outdoor garden light

The lamp is actually a table lamp large size and high power. Nothing like fresh and cozy atmosphere of a classic table lamp.However, if several streetlights wisely implanted are perfect for lighting a driveway, a floor lamp is ideal for illuminating a terrace during a night meal. The lighting is direct, fixed, and useful winter and summer.

Often fitted with halogen bulb and fitted with a dimmer, the lamp is more discreet when light needs are lower and we are looking for an atmospheric lighting .

Outdoor bollard light

Reserved marking aisle , running, driveway, or to define a portion of the land, the bollard is primarily functional lightingwith a careful aesthetic.

Often low power, its soft light and diffuse serves to highlight and identify a specific location of your surroundings driveway and garden. Standing or on the ground, the ideal is to multiply the terminals along the path you want to score.

Outdoor ambient light

Ambient lighting is not intended to create a useful light, it is here to beautify your outside, your terrace , your garden, your walkways etc. The external room lighting can be used to highlight to vegetation or the architecture of your home.

Today, outdoor lighting is often LED for low power consumption and light – it can be wireless! Multiple shapes and colors, lighting outdoor ambiance is perfect for adding an aesthetic touch to your garden and walkways.

Outdoor solar lamp

The solar lamp is usually equipped with a battery that is charged through some photovoltaic cells . At nightfall, a varistor (simply put, a kind of light detector) lights the lamp.

Low power as limited by the characteristics of the battery, the solar lamp is primarily a light accreditation or atmosphere. It can also act bollard along a driveway, walkway or beneath a shrub or a floral massif.
The huge advantage of a solar lamp is that it requires no power – no cable to pull, trench digging or connections to do. However, the solar lamp meets the same standards as a traditional lighting, so be careful out check the IP of the lamp that you choose!