Tips on Outdoor Lighting

Enhance his garden, terrace or the front of his house, it’s possible thanks to a well-planned outdoor lighting. In the evening, artificial light magnifies, dressed and structure the outdoor spaces to give them a different face. Luminaires, implementation ideas, tips and advice: find everything to evenly illuminate the outside in our special feature!

Embellish the front of his house thanks to the lighting

Spots, spotlights on the ground, mixed, supported or even plated sconces, there are many possibilities to illuminate its façade with bright very different renditions of the most classic to the most contemporary… What light to what light effect?
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Highlight its plants and shrubs

Illuminate its plantations can enjoy even at night and beautify the garden. Well lit, they come off like the plant sculptures. Then spots, spotlights or bollards, choose what lights and what bulbs for good enlighten them?
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Light in and into the trees

Garden lighting is more creative with the boom of the new fixtures easy to live and mobile. The course of an evening, create poetic and Bohemian lighting by hanging lamps in the trees.
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Compose a bright path

Guide your steps, but also to mark the way to mark up an outside Alley is a must-have lighting in a garden. How to place points of light, which luminaires choose? For a road course and deco…
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A bright and enchanting evening

To enjoy an evening at the garden and your outdoor spaces using a luminous ideal and comfortable atmosphere, it is possible by judicious use of the outdoor lights. Mistakes not to make and tips on how to magnify the relaxation in the garden area
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Choose the right IP for outdoor lighting

As the bathroom, the garden is a space subject to specific standards in terms of electricity to ensure the safety of facilities and lighting. Infiltration and other risks threaten the outdoor luminaires. Our tips for lighting and a secure installation outdoor…
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Zoom on solar lights

Difficult to carry out electrical installation in the garden without incurring heavy. Fortunately, there are many solutions easy to implement through the solar lights more efficient. Spots, light balls, appliques, the choice is vast. Use and abuse of these lights smart to offer extra light to your garden.
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