The Right Lighting for Your Home

There are, sometimes, details that mark the difference. The decor of your home can have, or not, a happy ending according to your lighting options. See how to get the right light and accentuate the beauty and functionality of the different spaces of the House. The recommendations are of Sheila Azevedo Moura, interior designer.


Living room


It is here that spends a great deal of time at home and where his friends and family, right? Bet in a warm and inviting. For comfort the many lighting options should include a warm diffuse light box, wall appliques emitting indirect light and a tall floor lamp for reading. If you have a work of art that deserves highlight, apply a focus strategically placed to enhance the play.


Dining areas


The main object is to illuminate the dining table. It is appropriate that diners can see exactly what you have on your plate, but attention to the intensity of light. Opt for a lamp suspended above the table, with a light that doesn’t hurt your eyes and put it between 1.5 and 1.7 metres from the ground. This piece must always be linked to the concept and sculptural of the room, by the visual impact that has. If the table has more than 1.8 meters long, you may want to use two lamps or a long.




The kitchen is, by definition, a workspace. Countertop cooking must be lit evenly and without shadows: install lighting fixtures under the upper furniture. The General light should be diffuse and comfortable for what, in the case of island, you may have a lamp suspended. Despite the functional nature of the kitchen, don’t forget the aesthetic component. Mix styles and try, in a corner, put a table lamp that works as indirect light, presence, to check out intimacy when you’re not in Cook mode.




Do not disturb! The room is quiet, with soft light. Choose high foot lamps,appliques, specific pieces to illuminate your readings without disturbing the partner,or table lamps to give priority to the well-being in the evening. The ceiling lamp will provide general lighting. You can use a suspended or light boxes in fabric or acrylic.In the child’s room, you should always provide light with dimmer.