The Lighting Mistakes

Did you know that mistakes in ambient lighting interfere with the final result of the decoration and even the functionality of the space?A poorly lit reading corner or a space to relax full of white lights are just a few examples of inappropriate choices.

Therefore, to get the project right, it is very important to be attentive to some details when defining the lighting of the spaces.In this post, we’ll show you the most common mistakes you should avoid. Check it!

1. Choose the color temperature inappropriate for the environment

There are lamps with 2 types of color temperature, each with its specific function. See also:

  1. Warm: they produce a more orange tone light, ideal for cozy atmospheres, which invite for relaxation, like living room and bedrooms;
  2. Cool: they produce a more bluish tone light, perfect for places that need a lot of lighting, such as the kitchen, bathroom or office .

Inadequate choice of color temperature causes a lot of discomfort, either by lack of light or even by excess. For this reason, stay tuned!


2. Place hanging luminaires in walkways or open spaces

Pendant lamps are a charm, but in the right places! Never install this type of lighting in passing environments. This can block the way and even cause accidents.

In addition, pendant luminaires in open places are exposed to wind and may break. So avoid these spaces!

3. Decorate integrated environments with different style lamps

Integrated environments must be planned in the same visual language. Therefore, it is always important to maintain the balance in the style of the lamps.

If you have a beautiful round pendant on the dining table, opt for recessed luminaires in the same shape in the kitchen if the environments are integrated.

4. Position LED strips incorrectly in room lighting

The LED strips serve exactly to highlight objects and architectural elements. But know that they will only fulfill this function if they are installed correctly.

Ideally, they should be placed on the front of the shelves, within an aluminum profile with 45 degrees of slope.

And remember to always buy good quality LED tapes, so they do not change color over time.

LED Strips Lighting

5. Create secondary lighting

One of the functions of lighting is also to create environments within the same space. For this reason, do not opt ​​for a single light system.

In the living room, for example, plan a main lighting to talk with friends and a secondary one to relax while watching the TV, which will also avoid dazzling the device.

In the dining room, the main lighting will be perfect for family dinners. With secondary lighting, you can create a romantic setting for dinner for two.Like the idea?

6. Install poor quality lamps

The wrong lamp can cause a lot of complications, from excessive expenses to discomfort due to the emission of heat. Halogen lamps can be cited as an example of these two problems.

Always prefer LED bulbs, which are most cost-effective. In addition to having longer shelf life, they are more sustainable and economical. They even spend 90% less energy!And the best: they light up more.

Another advantage is that the LED bulbs do not heat the environment, which is very unpleasant.

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