The LED Color Rendering: White Hot, Medium or Natural?

A bit of theory

At midday, an object may seem perfectly white but at dusk he will take a warm hue. To characterize this dominant applied to the light, one speaks of his ‘temperature’ is measured in degrees Kelvin (° K).

This index is low the color is hot.The temperature of the neutral light is 5000-6000 ° K. Below this value the light shoots on the orange and at the top, she pulls on blue.

Therefore, there are no “White light of day”, although this name is often used to describe about 5500-6000 ° K lights. Above 6500 ° K printing will be a bluish light that is not pleasant.

Sunrise and sunset Sun: 2400 ° K,

Halogen: 2700-2900 ° K,

Morning / afternoon: 4000-4500 ° K

Pure white (no blue): 5000-6000 ° K,

Middle day without clouds: 5600 ° K,

Overcast sky / veiled: 6500-8000 ° K,

Cool (bluish) white: 7000 ° K and +.

In practice for LED lighting
The choice of the color temperature is essential. Determine your tastes: traditional hot filament bulbs lighting or natural lighting which is obtained at midday without artificial lighting.

So hot lights should more be used as part of pieces focus on a soft atmosphere and conversely lamps for lighting daylight bringing greater visual comfort, at the expense of a warm atmosphere.

Warm white is also preferred for illumination of parts with warm hues (wooden house).

So it is your choice because it is above all a personal taste issue, or interior design. The next picture will allow you to account for these differences in real situation:

White hot white way natural white

However do not mix the shades and use LEDs in warm white if you have conventional bulbs in the same room.

For this example, the same area was lit with two different colors of white: 3000 ° K and 6000 ° K:

An eclaiarge will be more powerful in natural white rather than cool white: an LED bulb of 400 lumens will generate the same amount of light in the two shades. However, for certain activities of precision, a colder light will be more appropriate.

Also consider the possibility of a multi color system in order to move freely about the warm white natural white.

(IRC) color rendering index is vitally important for the quality of the light, l EAD our full article dedicated to the IRC.

Available for our LED products colours
Our products can be offered in three shades of white:

Hot (2800-3000 ° K): to use if you want to tune the color with classic bulbs or if you want a warm atmosphere for a living room or rooms,

Natural (5000-6000 ° K)ideal for a general, lighting it mimics the light of day and allows natural light, can be used for lighting in kitchens, hallways, entered…

Medium (4000-4500 ° K): there’s a slightly Orange tinge, is the color usually used for offices.

We take great care to select manufacturers capable of supplying subtle colour ranges. Many distributors tend to believe than the types of white (hot, medium, natural, cold…) are standardized: it is false, we can find several types of different whites under the same denomination, and some whites are more flattering than others!