The LED Bulb and The Psychology of Colors

ES interior designers choose the colors of the walls of the House or furniture with care, but often neglect the tones of light. The colors and lighting however greatly influence our daily well-being: so it’s interesting to know the different emotions that they can cause in order to create the ideal atmosphere.

Led lights offer a wide range of colors, which allows us to easily customize the tone of each room.

First of all, we can divide between “Cold” or “Hot” colors.

The warm colors (red, orange, yellow) recall the colors of the sunset at the beach and those of the leaves of the trees in the fall. They convey passion, positive energy, enthusiasm and happiness.

Instead, the cool colors (green, blue, purple) evoke the depth of the ocean, a walk solo and transmit sensations of relaxation, discretion and professionalism.

Explore the effects of color on human psychology:

  • Rouge

Red is the color of fire and blood. It is an exciting color, used by decorators to stimulate the senses. Red is seeing, it is all the same. Be careful however: Red is also associated with anger and may irritate the more sensitive people. Red light promotes the skin, that’s why we use it to create a sensual atmosphere. The red, associated with the gold indicates wealth.

  • Rose

Pink lighting is feminine, warm and delicate. Used in small doses, it adds to the space of the freshness, energy and glamour, this is why it is a colour traditionally used in the bedrooms.

  • Orange

friendly and accesible, orange is the color of happiness and of innovation. Some tones are associated with the change of season: using orange light, it creates energy without the overwhelming effects of red.

It is a good option for guests rooms, to convey a warm welcome.

  • Jaune

optimistic and valiant, the yellow active memory and stimulates the nervous system. The lighter tones are particularly associated with happiness, the Sun, the energy and hospitality.

The yellow led lights encourage creativity and communication. This is why it is a good option for offices and workspaces. This warm color is traditionally used for kitchens and bedrooms.

  • Vert

Green is a neutral color that is associated with nature, it produces a calming effect on the senses. It can also represent growth and new beginnings. The color green has an effect of balance and harmony, of stability. Used in a dining room, a living room and an office to convey the wealth, stability and renovation.

  • Bleu

Blue conveys tranquility, freshness, and responsibility. It is also associated with peace and it has a spiritual and religious significance in many cultures. The light blues are calming while brilliant blue can be refreshing. The use of lighter shades of blue can make the room more spacious.

It’s a color that works well, for its soothing virtues, in the areas like bathrooms or rooms. Find LED spotlights on

  • Violet

the violet color spice home with a touch of originality. The dark, purple in particular, conveys wealth and luxury, while the purple is associated with spring and romance. This color conveys a mysterious note to any space.

  • Blanc

White is the color of innocence, purity and cleanliness. Because of its clarity, its neutrality and its resemblance to the solar light, white light is the most common option for interior lighting. There are a great variety of white lighting options available: white hot, cold or neutral.