Testimonials III

Riedl-lifts, a southern German manufacturer of technically sophisticated elevator systems, directed its production process for years on sustainability. In the equipment of own production area, the company uses only the highest quality. Therefore came in made necessary modernization of lighting installation in the production hall only a lighting concept based on LED technology in question.

Also a high environmental awareness plays in the company philosophy at Riedl lifts an important role. Due to changes in the production process, the old lighting was no longer optimally adapted to local conditions and made necessary a better illumination of other areas in the hall. In addition, the remaining, banned in the EU from April 2015 mercury lamps should be replaced. The new lighting in the company should be environmentally friendly and energy saving. High product quality and a conscious use of resources was as important as the company has specialized in its special especially on resource conservation, hazardous material reduction and longevity of elevators.

“When researching a suitable supplier of LED bulbs, we came to the rental concept of the German light rent” reports a satisfied Peter Andrä, managing director at Riedl elevators.

Meanwhile, the company has specifically of German light rent customized LED lighting installation. The work surfaces are now illuminated with the eyes tranquil, flicker light. Thanks to their insensitivity to frequent switching cycles, the high-quality LED lights are unrivaled in terms of service life. Through the rental model does not apply to any product Riedl risk, and in addition the service package includes maintenance, replacement and recycling of lamps at end of life.