Testimonials II

The North German machinery and plant manufacturers FRIMA sets in the illumination of its production halls and offices on the rental model of the German light rent. The companies operating in the world builds plants where paving stones, curbs, concrete slabs, concrete blocks and hollow blocks can be produced for different purposes. With the conversion to LED technology FRIMA has taken a decisive step in a more efficient and more sustainable future.

The production of plants in Northern Germany Emden and energy management in companies are regularly in terms of efficiency to the test. “We had in the production hall yet everywhere old mercury vapor lamps, which have consumed a lot of power, and from April 2015 the EU can not be bought,” says Fokko Steen, commercial director at FRIMA, the reasons for the modernization of its lighting. As a stocking with the lamps appeared uneconomical, the concrete equipment producer looked around for alternatives and eventually became in the German Lighting hire find. Not only the savings potential and the concept of service of Lichtmiet concept, the environmental performance of the highly sustainable LED lighting and the nonexistent product and risk convinced Steen of the usefulness of a move. Together with the German light rent it came to implementation.

Today LED High Bays and -Panels replace the old mercury vapor lamps and fluorescent tubes. With the rental model FRIMA now consumes significantly less power and saves despite rents still in the overall cost. With 4000 K the light color persisted through the LED lighting Although unchanged since the employees were very satisfied, but could the old fibrillation be abolished. In addition to the production facilities of the office complex with the new LED technology was therefore equally equipped.