Tell the Story of Design Luminaires

Officially launched today (24/11), in São Paulo, and in the day 30/11, in Rio de Janeiro, the Brazilian Design Booklight fixtures, the Publisher Looks, has proposed shifting the story of national production from the fixtures. Responsible for organizing the publication, the Studio Takes Nothing and the gallery owner Marcelo Vasconcelos, Gallery MeMo, elected 135 items signed by more than 100 Brazilian designers (or operating in the national territory), dating from the modern period to the present.

By presenting pieces representing different strands chronologically of the Braziliandesign, 148-page book traces a history of the evolution of national drawing the early 1950 until 2015. The choice of works was determined by the relevance of the designers and the pageant.


Among those elected, are classics, like the Eclipse, Mauricio Klabin, parts of names concluded, following the example of Sergio Rodrigues and Campana brothers, in addition to products created by young designers, among them Dennys Tormen, BrunoFaucz and Pedro Venzon. To quote a few more names, also brand presence in the book Carlos Motta, Rodrigo Almeida, Claudia Moreira Salles, Zanini de Zanine and Carol Gay.


Live at design time. In Brazil, in the last 15 years, a large number of new courses indesign, technical or university education level, form young professionals that integrate quickly into the market, releasing a significant amount of new products. Allied tothis fact, is increasing the demand for products that bring in your DNA the brazilianidentity. Industries and shops, attentive to consumer movements, boost this thread, which gradually gains a less elitist , declare, on presentation of the book, Andre Bastos and Guilherme Leite Ribeiro, from Studio Anything it takes, which are also designers of lamps;