Solar Power LED Lighting

Mark up your garden with solar pavers, built-in solar spots between existing paving, integrated into the turf without mower stress, recessed or on thick on terraces or grass, very stylish, waterproof, they will guide you in the evening, delimit and punctuate your terraces and walkways.-Be very attentive to the exhibition spotlights and paving stones,  they are well in the sun all day-Clean occasionally the cell  to keep the performance of the solar panel with a damp sponge.-Clear the snow in winter. If you notice a decrease in the intensity or autonomy in the summer, it will consider replacing the batteries (every 2 to 3 years for NiMH batteries).

Solar lamps remote panel: poorly exposed locations, or inside.

Use solar lighting to remote photovoltaic panel with generally 3 m or 5 m linear wiring that you can expose the best for poorly located areas, for instance northern side, to the enhancement of trees by lighting in low in places with too many gray areas, on the underside of slab to a covered patio, or under eaves would create shade, or simply in a garden shed.
in this case, only the solar panel must be well exposed, because it is this one that will bring energy to the lamp batteries. So you can position your solar lamp where you want it, within the limit of the cable length. (Check that the lamp is intended for outdoor use).

Solar lamps Detectors Movement: the Solar Lighting in Winter

Choose one or more  lamps Solar Motion detectors to ensure operation in the winter when you need them. Indeed, those are not solicited only occasionally, this preserves their battery capacities and enable a more powerful solar lighting. (Solar spotlights, motion detector lights, apply Solar Orinoco….) In winter, to the powerful solar spotlight with motion detector, be sure to reduce the lighting time to a minimum, the detection sensitivity and luxS, the all minimum if trimmings allow for the greatest possible autonomy.

Powerful spotlights Solar High Autonomy

The Solar Lighting Lamps ready for use are rarely dimmensionnées to work the same way in summer and winter. The solar gains are lower, should be increased by minimum 3 or 4 (see more depending on the region) the technical characteristics of the product for the same constant solar lighting: That’s why we have sized the Solar Projectors Powerful able to function even in winter, to a lesser duration than in summer. Some are Projectors Detectors Solar movements, others are permanent solar lighting projectors, programmable on hourly operating range or external switch, ideal for standalone solar lighting terrace, parking, etc….projector solar powerful projector solar power projector solar power detector detector movements movements zs 110 zs-120 permanent lighting timer   zs-210.

Bornes, powerful solar lamps  High Capacity

For those who want a powerful and reliable solar LED lighting. Some of solar lighting are programmable on an hourly operating range, as the powerful solar terminal multifunctional with its remote control, some  powerful solar street lights are or may be hybrid, connected to the network to overcome the lack of sunlight.

Sizing the Solar Lighting Custom

We also dimensionnons your facilities Solar lighting for specific customized, depending on the level of lighting required, duration of operation, the location, the object to be illuminated. This is useful for multiple applications, as a standalone solar lighting signs, decks, buildings, parking, professional or private use.
We can also supply a photovoltaic plant of mini Exterior Lighting Garden of low voltage, depending on your selected fixtures, your geographic area and operating time for a solar lighting guaranteed to the year according to the criteria defined together.